Three new ways to manage pigs

First, weaning early weaning method. In China, most of the sow's lactation period is about 2 months. One sow can produce a maximum of 2 children in 1 year. The empty time is long and the utilization efficiency is not high. While a sow consumes 500 kg of feed per year, the smaller the number of piglets produced per year, the higher the cost. The early weaning of piglets is an effective measure to increase the fertility of sows.

1. Suitable age at weaning: The weaning age can be determined according to the production task and technical level. From a physiological point of view, sows that were weaned and mated not earlier than 3-4 weeks postpartum did not result in reproductive difficulties for the sows after the birth. At the time of weaning piglets, weighing not less than 4.5-5 kilograms, normal growth and development, there has been a certain ability to adapt to the environment and resistance to disease, artificial breeding will not be very difficult.

2, weaning method: You can take a sudden sudden weaning, the sow suddenly ran away, the piglet stay in the original house. The sows stopped feeding (watering) on ​​the day of weaning, and then resumed empty feed and ingredients. Piglets should begin to lure around the age of 7 days, and set up a small sink. After weaning, they will quickly adapt to eating, and the feed can be fed dry or wet.

3. Precautions: The piglet's feed should meet the needs of growth and development. Generally, the feed for piglets should be supplemented with protein feeds such as soybeans, bean cakes, and fishmeal, so that the crude protein level of the feed is above 22%. Appropriate amount of feed yeast, sweet substances can be added to improve palatability. Soybeans must be fried and fed to avoid diarrhea.

Artificially nursed piglets must be under strict management. Unsuitable temperature, humidity, poor sanitation, improper diets, and irregular feeding may all cause early weaning failure.

Second, piglets lift cage law. Raising piglets on the ground cage is an advanced pig raising technology in foreign countries and has many advantages:

(1) Warming and ventilation methods can be used to adjust the temperature and humidity, so that the cages can cool in winter and cool in summer, which is beneficial to the growth and development of piglets.

(2) Get better feed rewards, use automatic drinkers, automatic food containers, let piglets eat freely. Urine dung is leaked to the ground, so that it does not pollute or less pollute the feed in order to keep the cage and feed clean and hygienic.

(3) to facilitate observation and management.

(4) Helps prevent and treat diseases.

(5) It can improve the utilization of the barn and save labor. Each piglet cage with an area of ​​5 square meters can raise 8-10 piglets and one breeder can manage 400-500 piglets.

Design of cages for raising pigs from cages: Each piglet has an effective area of ​​60 square meters and is fitted with two rows of cages, three in each row. Each piglet cage has an area of ​​5.2 square meters, a 250-watt infrared heat-insulating bulb, a duckbill-type drinking fountain, a height of 20 centimeters from the bottom of the cage and 30 centimeters. The automatic food box is made of 23 angle steel and galvanized iron sheet. The inlet is wide, and the front is high, low and easy to pour. There is an activity pendulum. When the piglet eats, it touches the pendulum, and the feed flows out.

In Guangzhou's thoroughbred pig farms, 20 male Duroc piglets, each with 20 days of age, were reared for 20 days and tested on ground cages. The average weight of 1 kilogram per kg consumed only 2.1 kg of feed. Since the area of ​​the cage is small, the pigs do not have a sports ground. The piglets should not be kept in the cage for a long time. Generally, the piglets should be raised 80-90 days old or have a weight exceeding 50 kg. Otherwise, the limbs will be deformed.

Third, a new method of hog farming. When the newly purchased pigs are adjusted and combined with the pigs in the original storage pen or the pens between the pens, they must be bitten for a long time before they gradually adapt to the new environment. During this period, the growth rate is greatly reduced, making the pigs quiet. There are many ways to combine land, but the effect is not much better. Here we introduce an effective method: first drive out the original pigs out of the bar, spray on the pigs in the new pigs, and use the wines in the pens. Spray it again, then put the new pig into the bar and rush the original bar back to the bar. The mutual identification of the pigs mainly depends on the odor. Since all of them are full of alcoholic taste at this time, they cannot smell each other. Therefore, the original pigs cannot recognize new pigs. At the same time, let the new pig advanced column, the original column pig into the bar, will make the original column of pigs lose hegemony habits, this method can largely avoid biting, no group phenomenon.

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