Introduction to deep crying mill

The whole set of deep-cooling pulverizer consists of silo, mechanical pulverizer, induced draft fan, cyclone, vibrating screen, liquid nitrogen tank, etc.:

(1) Working principle:

The cryogenic pulverizer system uses liquid nitrogen as a cold source, and the pulverized material is cooled and pulverized at a low temperature to be pulverized, and then enters the mechanical pulverizer cavity to rotate at high speed through the impeller, materials and blades, toothed discs, materials and Under the combined action of repeated impact, collision, shearing and friction between materials, the pulverization effect is achieved: the pulverized material is classified by an airflow sieve classifier and collected: the material that has not reached the fineness requirement is returned to the silo to continue crushing. Most of the air-conditioning returns to the silo for recycling:

(2) Features:

The cryogenic pulverizer system forms a closed loop system during the material pulverization process, so that the energy is fully utilized and the energy consumption is saved: the temperature of the chilling source can be reduced to minus 196 degrees, according to the embrittlement of the material. Point temperature, the temperature can be adjusted during the pulverization process, choose zui smashing temperature, reduce energy consumption: pulverization fineness can reach 10-700 mesh, even reach micron μ and other fineness: use liquid nitrogen as grinding media to achieve ultra-low temperature pulverization , the comprehensive effect of explosion-proof and anti-oxidation of materials:

2. Scope of use:

The cryogenic pulverizer system is used in various materials that cannot be pulverized at normal temperature. It is widely used in various chemical, petrochemical, machinery, shipbuilding, automotive, electronics, clothing, coatings, printing, engineering plastics, rubber, thermoplastic materials. Superfine crushing of hot melt materials, nylon, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, textile, clothing, Chinese and Western medicine, food industry, etc.

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