Pregnant ewes can't get drunk from parasites

Temple Jinsheng of Pincha Township in Rudong County reported that he had a ewes with 2-3 days to produce, but he had many parasites. I often itch on the corners and now I would like to take a medicine bath to drive insects. I wonder if it is feasible.

The reporter interviewed Wang Gongjin, a researcher at the Animal Husbandry Institute of the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Wang Jinjin said that pregnant ewes are a relatively weak group in the flock. To prevent the occurrence of miscarriage or premature labor, such as pregnant ewes, they occur. In the case of disease, only a few less toxic external medicines can be used, and the internal medicines are not used or rarely used. Since the ewes are only produced within 2-3 days, if the medicinal bath at this time may have a certain effect on the ewes, the ewes may be repelled by injection of antiparasitic drugs after the ewes are produced.

The medicinal bath of sheep is a method of repelling some ectoparasites. The main drugs used in the medicinal bath include 0.05% amitraz, 0.05% flies, 0.50%-1% trichlorfon. Although the preparation of the medicinal bath solution will be safely formulated according to the instruction manual of the medicine, in order to ensure the insect repellent effect of the medicinal bath, and to make it easier for the medicinal bath solution to penetrate the skin and then to achieve the purpose of repelling insects, the objects to be dewormed are generally required. Soaking in the medicine bath for 2-3 minutes can achieve better results, which may be a certain risk for pregnant sheep.

In addition, the ewes with good constitution and growth and development are already full of 2-3 days before delivery, and some of them can directly squeeze a small amount of clear gel-like liquid or colostrum from the nipple. At this stage, the nipples have been enlarged and thickened. If a medicated bath is performed at this stage, on the one hand, it may cause the infusion of the medicated bath solution. On the other hand, during the medicated bath process, there may be a small amount of drugs that penetrate into the skin of the pregnant ewe and In emulsions, lambs feeding on ewe may give rise to poisoning after delivery. Therefore, pregnant ewes cannot take medicine baths, and the ewes in the later stages of pregnancy should pay special attention.

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