Calla cultivation techniques

Calla lily is known as the water pheasant, wild pheasant, arrowhead flower, and Guanyin.
Calla morphological characteristics perennial perennial herb. Ye Jisheng, blade long shield with long handle, bright green. The stems are taller than the leaves, the inflorescence of the panicles is bright red, the spathes are large in shape, and they open into a horseshoe shape. They are wrapped in panicles of inflorescences and have white, yellow, pink and other colors. The white calla lily is the most common.
Calla Lily Growth Habits]
Calla Lily is warm and cold, and it is often used as a greenhouse. Happily damp, avoid drought. The flowering period needs plenty of sunshine and requires a well-drained, fertile sandy loam soil.
Calla lily breeding and cultivation
1. Breeding generally uses the ramets method, but also sowing method. The ramets method should be planted from August to September in the autumn. Dig out the germinated young axillary buds around the rhizome of the mother plant. Devonian pots with larger diameter were used for planting, with 4-5 shoots per pot. The buds should be placed upwards, with a slightly thicker covering, enough water to be poured, and placed in a half shade. About 2 weeks can take root.
2. Cultivation (1) Soil: Generally used garden soil plus ash.
(2) Watering: Keep the potted soil moist before pumping, and increase the amount of watering as the leaves increase, and fully water the growing period. If the amount of water is too small, the petiole will break due to water loss; excessive watering will cause rot. After May, the weather began to turn hot, and the leaves began to turn yellow. Watering can be reduced, the basins can be placed sideways, and they can be dried to promote their dormancy. After the leaves are completely dry, the tubers are removed and stored in a cool and ventilated place.
(3) Fertilization: Calla is good, but too much or too little fertilizer can cause yellow leaves. Generally, the fertilizer is applied once every 10-15 days, and the application of phosphate fertilizer is dominant during flowering.
(4) Others: After the long leaves have been sprouted, the sun should be set aside. In the winter, the indoor growth above 10°C will be better. When the foliage is luxuriant, care should be taken to remove the old leaves to facilitate the pedicel. Calla lily is susceptible to tobacco smoke. Smoked leaves often cause yellow leaves and affect flowering, so pay attention to air circulation and prevent smoke.

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