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1. The valve adopts a three-eccentric sealing structure, and the valve seat and the butterfly plate have almost no wear, and have a tighter and tighter sealing function.

2 , the sealing ring is made of stainless steel, with the advantages of hard metal seal and elastic seal. It has excellent sealing performance under low temperature and high temperature, and has corrosion resistance and long service life.

3. The sealing surface of the disc is made of surfacing cobalt-based hard alloy, the sealing surface is wear-resistant and has a long service life.

4 , large-size butterfly plate adopts truss structure, high strength, large flow area and small flow resistance.

5. This valve has a two-way sealing function. It is not restricted by the flow direction of the medium during installation, and is not affected by the position of the space. It can be installed in any direction.

6. The drive unit can be installed in multiple stations (rotated 90° or 180° ) for user convenience.

Third, the main technical parameters

Nominal pass DN ( mm)

50 ~ 2000

Nominal pharmacology PN ( MPa)





Seal test (MPa)





Strength test (MPa)





proper temperature

Carbon steel: -29°C to 425°C stainless steel: -40°C to 650°C

Applicable medium

Water, air, natural gas, oil and weakly corrosive fluids

Leak rate

Meet the GB/T13927-92 standard

Drive mode

Worm gear drive, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic

Fourth, the main parts and materials

Hygienic wafer type quick release disc valve


ZXB-SY stainless steel self-priming pump

product description:

Stainless steel tube bracket

Product category: sanitary valve series

Stainless steel tube bracket
Material is: SUS304
For all kinds of stainless steel pipe support



Welded union DIN11851

Welded union DIN11851

Product model: DIN11851

Welded union DIN11851 :

Connection method: welded
Material is: SUS304 , SUS316L
Pipe flow control: DN25-150 and 1′′-6′′
Applied to stainless steel pipe connections
Dimensional standards according to SMS , DIN , IDF standards




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