Causes and prevention methods of chlorosis of cucumber stems

This situation of growing cucumbers in house is very likely to be caused by the disease. The disease begins to produce oval or spindle-shaped, white lesions on the vines, overflowing with amber resin colloidal liquid, stem shrinkage in later stages. The longitudinal fissures are messy, sometimes with many black spots. When the disease is severe, the stem segments become dark, rotten and broken.
The specific prevention and control method is as follows: spraying 50% Trimone suspension 3000 times liquid or 60% Baitai water dispersible granule 2000 times or 25% Kai Run EC 3000 times or 50% protective power wettable powder 500 times Liquid or 10% Difenoconazole Dispersible Granules 2000 times, etc. are respectively mixed with "Tianda 2116" 600 times liquid + Tianda organic silicon 2000 times spray, 7~10 days, continuous spraying 2~3 Times. Rainy days can be used 30% chlorothalonil smoke agent 250 grams per acre smoke, spray 7 to 10 days once, continuous control 2 to 3 times.

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