Rice is susceptible to downy mildew after flooding

In recent years, rice downy mildew often occurs in the local area, the main reason is that the rice growing season encounters continuous rainy weather, the seedlings in the low-lying areas are flooded, and the incidence is easy. The symptoms, pathogenesis, and control measures are briefly described below.
Rice downy mildew is also called yellowing and atrophy. Rice begins to show symptoms in the late stage of Putian, and the symptoms are obvious at the peak of delivery. The diseased plants are dwarfed and the leaves are light green. The leaves have round or elliptic yellow-white patches that often connect into a line. Heart yellow and white, twisted, not easily drawn. The victim leaf sheath is slightly loose and the surface is wrinkled or distorted. Slaughter reduction in sick plants, serious disease strains can not booting, mildly diseased plants can boot but can not be extracted, wrapped in flag leaf sheath, or arched from its side into a box-shaped, spike small false, distortion deformity. The disease is a fungal disease. The oocysts are mainly borne by oospore in the diseased body or in the soil. When the temperature and humidity conditions are suitable for the next year, the bacteria are infected by zoospores and spread by running water. Under high humidity conditions or seedlings affected by flooding.
There is no effective agent for preventing and controlling rice downy mildew. In the early stage of disease, there is a certain control effect with 25% metalaxyl wettable powder 700 times or 50% dimethomorph WP wettable powder 1500 times. Spray it once more in 10 days. For rice downy mildew, production should mainly take comprehensive measures to prevent. Choose a high-land plot to make paddy fields and build a drainage and irrigation system to prevent flooding of paddy fields. At the seedling stage, we must remove the diseased plants and clear the field weeds.

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