Grafting and Propagation Techniques of Danan Pear

Dananguo Pear is the fruit-shaped bud of Nanguo Pear. The pear fruit is oblate, medium in size, with an average fruit weight of 125 grams and a maximum of 214 grams. The peel is green-yellow, and turns yellow after storage. The surface of the pear has a flush, and the fruit surface is smooth. It has a waxy luster and a small fruit spot. Thin skin, thin skin, yellowish-white flesh, fine and crispy flesh, ready to eat, after 7 to 10 days of ripening, flesh softens into a greasy, soft and soluble mouth, sweet and sour and scent, soluble solids The content is 15.5% and the quality is superior. The fruit in Shenyang is mature in mid-September, and it is not resistant to storage and transport. It can be stored for 25 days under normal temperature conditions, and it can be stored until the end of March in refrigerated conditions. The results are mainly short-fruit branches, with the habit of flower buds as a result, light fruit collection before harvest, and mismanagement. The tree has strong adaptability, strong cold resistance, and can withstand low temperatures of ~30°C. Drought resistance, black spot disease resistance, anti-encrustosis and insect resistance are all strong.
First, rootstock seedling cultivation
1. Seed processing uses Yamanashi as rootstock. Rootstock seeds must be stored in wet sand at low temperature for 50-60 days. Stratification is usually done from the end of January to the beginning of February, and 1 seed is uniformly mixed with 4-5 clean river sands. The sand's humidity is in hand, and it is better to loose it. The seed and sand are placed in a tile pot, the plastic film is covered and placed in a cellar, and sown when more than 70% of the seed germinates.
2. The choice of rootstock plots Select the rootstock or sandy soil plots with leeward sunshine, good sunshine, no accumulated water, deep soil, and fertile soil. The nursery should have drainage and irrigation conditions, combined with deep plowing in autumn, 7.5 kilograms of farmland fertilizer per square meter.
3. After sowing, the ground temperature rises above 10°C to sow. Drilling is conducted with a row spacing of 45 cm, 20 kg of urea per mu, and 50 kg of superphosphate. It can also be double-stranded. After sowing, cover the soil and cover with fine sand or mulch to increase the soil temperature, maintain the humidity, and gradually remove the mulch after unearthing the buds.
4. Seedling management seedlings grow to 4 to 5 true leaves time seedlings and transplanting, plant spacing of 10 cm, 5 to 7 months weeding 3 times, chase application of quick fertilizer 2 times. Before falling leaves in autumn, cut the main root obliquely with iron shovels to promote the growth of lateral roots, and pay attention to the prevention and control of leaf diseases and insect pests.

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