How to manage tomatoes in autumn and winter

1. Colonization management: The ground temperature is high in autumn and winter when planting a tomato plant. After planting, the ground temperature is not covered. The planting water should be watered in a timely manner, and a new high-fat membrane should be used to protect the insulative heat, improve soil permeability, and promote deep rooting of tomato roots.
2. Field management: After the tomato is planted, according to the growing demand, timely top dressing, watering, timely pruning, removal of the old and diseased leaves, ventilation and light transmission, improve the microclimate environment in the field, at the same time before tomato flowering, young fruit, During the expansion period, Zhuang Tiling was sprayed on the vegetables to increase the amount of nutrient delivery, promote the rapid development of the fruit, and increase the resistance of plants to disease and stress.
3. Disease prevention and control: Tomato plants growing in fall and winter pods are prone to diseases such as early blight, leaf mold, gray mold, late blight, etc., and they should be sprayed with targeted pesticides in time for killing, and spraying a new high-fat film to form a protective film. , greatly improve the efficiency of the effective components of the drug efficacy, spraying pesticide should pay attention to the back of the drug.

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