Bees feeding tube four key

In the fall and winter season, honeybees must produce honey on the one hand and winterize on the other. This period of bee production and feeding management is not only different from spring but also different from summer. Therefore, in the rearing process, we must focus on the following four priorities in response to different local feeding conditions and actual conditions, and earnestly do a good job of breeding, management and breeding of autumn bee colonies.

Look at the shaking of honey every day for 2-4 days, shaking the honey 1 times, the weather is good for more honey, to shake the honey out of the nest. The weather is poor. Shake honey and keep some feed honey.

Cultivating the new king's autumn flowering season is a good time for breeding bee kings. The bee colony and small bee colony that are raised on the ground must be planned to nurture the new queen bee and replace the old bee queen.

In order to kill the beetles of bee colonies in autumn, the bees can be sprayed with 400-times liquid of acaricide. Can also be used to kill No. 2 paper smoke, small groups with 1.5, flat box group with a film, followed by box group with a film, placed in a beehive to light, closed the nest for 15 minutes, you can reach the purpose of smoking locusts .

Breeding winter bees is the final stage of breeding winter bees in the late autumn. It is necessary to pay close attention to the breeding of bee colonies. The whole cover honey spleen and empty spleen in the hive can be put forward in time, or stored in the box, and the spleen is gradually concentrated in the nest box. The small area is placed on both sides, and the large area is placed in the middle. Zhang Zi spleen should maintain about 500 grams of honey on the corner. There is no empty spleen in the hive, no new spleen, no measures to expand the hive, keep bee 9 to 10 mm, so that the hive intensive care of the spleen, continue to breed overwintering bees on the basis of the existing spleen.


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