MT-50 semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine - manual

Round bottle labeling machine; labeling machine; small round bottle labeling machine in small batch size, variable production needs to meet the needs of most round bottle labeling in pharmaceutical factories, such as penicillin bottles, ampoules, PET bottles, glass bottles The labeling machine is popular with customers with its mini shape and excellent performance.

Product model: MT-50

Name: Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine

First, the scope of application:

1, round bottles, round cans, cylinders and other self-adhesive labeling

2, suitable for round bottle labeling of PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, etc.

3, widely used in cosmetics, beverages, food, medicine and other industries, greatly improving productivity and labeling quality

Third, product advantages:

1. Wide application range, can meet the cylindrical labeling of 15-150mm diameter range

2. The labeling accuracy is high, and the deviation between the head and the end of the label is ≤±0.5mm.

3, using a clever squeeze device to feed, just put the workpiece, automatically complete the labeling

4, using card position adjustment, different workpiece labeling switching is simple

5, using synchronous belt traction, mechanical stability is greatly improved

6, desktop design, compact structure, small size, powerful

7, using anodized aluminum alloy bracket and advanced computer white electric box, beautiful and generous

8, using advanced electric eye, object, label detection sensitivity is high

Fourth, technical parameters

1. Accuracy: ±0.5mm (excluding label workpiece error)

2, efficiency: 25-50 pieces / minute (depending on the size of the workpiece)

3. The outer diameter of the coil is ≤250mm. The inner diameter of the coil: 76mm.

4, workpiece size: diameter 15-150mm

5, the label width is 8-150mm, long, 15-315mm

6, power: 220V 50HZ

7, motor power: 120w

8, the whole machine size: 650 × 450 × 450mm

9, the whole machine weight: 25 kg

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