White chicken chicken bamboo shoot processing and preservation

The season of white broiler chicken bamboo shoots is the season for other shoots for bamboo shoots, and the shoot price is relatively low. In order to extend the time for bamboo shoots and increase the income of bamboo growers, white broiler bamboo shoots can be processed and preserved.

First, bamboo shoot processing

1. Processing method of dried bamboo shoots: The method of processing Tianmu dried bamboo shoots can be used, and the dried bamboo shoots made with crispy and delicious taste are summarized as follows.

(1) Shelling cooking: The collected bamboo shoots must be cut, stripped, and cooked on the same day. Otherwise, all the bamboo shoots are aged and the quality is reduced. The shelling is done with a bamboo shooter, and a knife is cut from the tip of the bamboo shoot on one side of the bamboo shoot. The footing is not required and the bamboo shoot is not hurt. Then use your right hand to pinch the tip of the bamboo shoot shell, cut the mouth upwards, not cut one side close to the index finger, the left index finger lightly support the lower end of the bamboo shoots, rotate along the right index finger, peel off the shell of the bamboo shoot, so that the joint does not leave the shell, tip The Ministry left a tender and tender clothing.

After removing the shells, the bamboo shoots need to be fixed. The diameter of the iron pan for cooking bamboo shoots is about 1 meter, and wooden vats are placed on top. The barrel height is 60 cm, and the barrel diameter is equal to the iron pan, which is commonly known as pan. Bamboo shoots are loaded into pans, and it is advisable to plow them along the barrel walls and bamboo shoots towards the middle. 5 kg of salt is added to the bottom layer. Appropriate amounts of salt are added to the remaining layers. After filling, the salt is capped. The amount of salt used is no more than 3 kg per 100 kg of bamboo shoots. Salt is too salty and too salty, but salt is not fresh. It can be filled with water when the bamboo shoots are ready. The amount of water used is about 30 kg. It can be halved on a rainy day. At this time, it can be ignited and cooked. The first pot needs to be boiled. 6 to 7 hours, but cook 3 to 4 hours after the need to turn the pot, turn the pot with a rayon inserted along the bottom of the pot, and then put the bamboo shoots in a circle, pull the rake bar to force the bamboo shoots to flip, turn from the bottom of the pot to the top Continue cooking. It only takes 4 to 5 hours to cook the second pot, and the amount of salt should also be reduced to prevent the black shoots from drying out. The cooking bamboo shoots require cooking that is neither raw nor rotten.

(2) Baking and drying: After the bamboo shoots are cooked, they should be picked up immediately, placed on the roasting bed by filtered water, baked and dried. The drying tool is the baking house, which is a fire pot with a length of about 4 meters. It is built with bricks and bricks, and the unglazed eyes are baked. There are three eyes and four eyes. Bake temperature should be controlled at 40 ~ 60 °C, often turning dry bamboo shoots, let the water evaporate and dry, to bamboo shoots color yellow, the degree of dryness to hand knead bamboo shoots loose, not smooth. Afterwards, the dried bamboo shoots can be stacked in the upper attic and continue to dry.

(3) Complex soup formation: The dried bamboo stems need to be soaked again in boiling salt water to facilitate the kneading. Soaking is the compound soup, the amount of salt used is not more than 10 kg per 100 kg of dried bamboo shoots, and the amount of water added is 60 kg of water per 100 kg of dried bamboo shoots. After the bamboo shoots have been dried, the salt water of the soup is sucked, and the fish is picked up and piled on a bamboo mat to be compacted. The plastic film is used for blocking. After 4 to 5 days of sowing, the dried bamboo shoots are softest, they are easy to lick, and they dry for more than 5 days. Mildew will spoil.

After the dried bamboo shoots in the compound soup, the bamboo shoot shoots were firstly picked off, and the shoot shoots were taken off and kneaded and dried to make it roasted (also known as roasted head).

The dried bamboo shoots that have been picked up are placed on a bamboo mat and kneaded into balls. The roots and shoots are on the outside, and the dried bulbs with four turns and a half round are the best products. The rubbing is usually performed with one hand, and the superb craftsmanship is performed with both hands. The speed is extremely fast, and the skilled person can shoot about 60 kilograms of dried bamboo shoots per person per day. The dried bamboo shoots are baked again on the roasting bed. When baked to 7 to 80% dry, they are placed on a slate, and they are knocked into a flat circle with a large wooden hammer head, and the finished product is finished.

After being dried and graded, it can be packaged. For convenience, it is advisable to use a small package. Packed dried bamboo shoots should be stored in warehouses in a timely manner, and the warehouse should be kept dry and ventilated to avoid renewed mildew.

2. Processing method of sheep tail bamboo shoots: Traditional sheep tail bamboo shoots are sheep tail bamboo shoots made by rural families.

(1) Equipment and raw materials

1 cooking stove: There are usually stove, pot, wash three parts, there are also stove, pot two parts, according to the scale of production, the former one, cooking more, but flipping is not convenient, the latter kind The number of boiled bamboo shoots is small, but it is easy to turn. The general conventional family cooks the latter one. The stove is built with stones and mud, and the height of the table is 60 to 100 cm. The iron pan with a diameter of 90 to 150 cm is used. Large-scale production, the use of large-diameter iron pan, small-scale, then choose a small iron pan. Amoy made of Chinese fir, under the diameter of the wooden pan and iron pot similar to the upper mouth diameter is slightly smaller, high 110 ~ 130 cm, Amoy and iron pot is easy to burn continuously, in the pot edge should be built a small ditch, water injection cooling.

2 Venue: If there is not enough area for raw material storage and raw material processing, the site should be clean and ventilated.

3 raw materials: fresh raw bamboo shoots and edible salt.

(2) Processing Technology Points

Traditional sheep tail bamboo shoot processing process is as follows: raw material sorting → go pick → cleaning → salt cook → packing → storage

Operation points

1 Sorting of raw materials: According to the thickness of raw materials, length, etc., the length is generally controlled at 30 cm or less, and bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots are excluded from pests and diseases.

2 go to pick up (peeling): first use the knife from the shoots of the bamboo shoots down and evenly cut a knife, in order not to cut the shoots of meat prevail, and then break the shoots, with a small bamboo stick or finger to peel around the shoots, cut To old bamboo shoots, if the thick bamboo shoots, use bamboo sticks to pierce the bamboo shoots section so that the salt water is immersed, so that the bamboo shoots are heated and salted, and the product is not easily degenerated from the inside to the outside.

(3) Cleaning: Separate the raw materials for the separation and cleaning in the clean water and rinse the sediment, dust and other impurities.

4 salt cook: Put the clean bamboo shoots into the cooking pot. Place a layer of salt on the bamboo shoots. The salt content is generally 15% to 18% of the bamboo shoot weight. The amount of salt is too much, affecting the taste and Flavor. Salt is too small to store easily and is subject to deterioration. It is best to use firewood to boil and boil without using water. If using coal cakes, briquettes, etc., cook, put a small amount of water, because the heat is not easy to grasp so as not to burn. During cooking, it must be turned up and down. It usually takes 4 to 5 hours to cook, and other bamboo shoots turn yellow. The marinade closes the revolution. When white salting occurs, the pan cools. The key is to pay attention to the heat and time, and use slow fire to cook slowly.

5 Packing: After the sheep's tail shoots out of the pan and cools, it is packaged. Traditionally, it is wrapped in bamboo baskets. Pads are surrounded with rice straw. After the sheep is put into bamboo shoots, it is compacted and then sealed with bamboo shoots. With the development of society, people's living standards have improved, and the requirements for packaging have become higher and higher. Now plastic food bags are used for packaging and bottle packaging.

6 Storage: At home, store sheep tail bamboo shoots in small jars, small-mouth cylinders or bottles, and compact them. Sprinkle special preservatives for sheep tail shoots (short-term storage can also be sprinkled with high-alcohol liquor). Department stores can be stored for more than one year. After the general consumer purchases, it can be stored in the refrigerator. Rinse and rinse with salt water before eating.

3. Bamboo Shoot Flexible Packaging: Bamboo shoot soft packaging is to boil bamboo shoots, oil, bamboo shoots, sweet and sour bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots or bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots and other bamboo products in plastic bags, which will be preserved after sterilization. This will reduce the cost of packaging, eating more convenient, is the development potential of the development of bamboo shoots. Its production process is as follows.

(1) Preparation of raw materials: boiled bamboo shoots are soft-packed, generally boiled in water for precooking, large bamboo shoots for 50 to 80 minutes, and small bamboo shoots for 45 to 55 minutes for boiling. Frequently drowning water is rapidly cooled, rinsed with running water for 16 to 24 hours, and the acidity of the rinse water is adjusted to 4.2 to 4.5 using hydrochloric acid or citric acid. After cooling, the center temperature of shoots should be less than 30°C.

Saline fresh-keeping shoots should be rinsed for 12 to 24 hours before rinsing until the shoots have no salty taste.

Oil, bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots can be packaged in bamboo shoots with 5.6 to 6.5 cm and 1.2 to 1.5 cm wide bamboo shoots, washed once in running water, and drained. The formula of the oil, bamboo shoot and shoot was 100 kg of bamboo shoots, 11.3 kg of soy sauce, 9.3 kg of ripe raw oil, 0.4 kg of sauce liquid, 3.8-2.5 kg of sugar, 0.83 kg of salt, 0.05 kg of MSG, and 100 kg of clear water. According to the formula, the salt, sugar, soy sauce, sauce liquid and other ingredients are added to some of the water (the amount is deducted from the formula), and the bamboo shoots are cooked in a sandwich pot and baked for 40-50 minutes, and the mature oil is added (oil is refined at 180°C. 10 minutes to the taste), stamped 焖 10 minutes pan, soup filtered and added MSG.

(2) Bagging: This is the most critical link in the production of bamboo shoots. Bagging room should be as clean and sterile as possible. Food pliers, pan scales and containers must be strictly disinfected. The operator wears work clothes and can only enter the bagging room after changing shoes.

Bamboo shoots soft packs are generally 250 grams, 400 grams or 500 grams of 3 specifications, using composite plastic or high temperature sterilization composite film bags. For seasoning shoots, the edge seal area should be protected from residual droplet contamination.

(3) Sealing: The boiled bamboo shoots with little juice and fresh bamboo shoots are sealed with a vacuum packing machine. For oil, bamboo shoots, and other varieties with juice, the air is resealed by a physical substitution method, that is, the edge seal is tightened first, and the liquid is filled from the bottom up to the edge, and then sealed with a sealer.

(4) Sterilization: Seal the soft pack bamboo shoots in the mouth and put them into the bamboo basket. Sterilize the bacteria in the sterilization pot at a temperature of 95 to 100°C for 70 minutes, and kill bacteria such as E. coli, mold and yeast.

(5) Packing: The soft bamboo shoot packaging products into the calcium plastic box, lined with corrugated cardboard, 50 or 100 bags per box, packet analysis, in order to long-distance transport.

4. Boiled bamboo shoots finishing: According to Lin'an High-Frequency Bamboo Shoot Boiled Finishing Technology, this technology not only provides the production method of large-canned fresh-keeping raw material bamboo shoots, but also provides the production method of bagged bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots for bamboo shoots. One-stop solution to the whole process from fresh bamboo shoots to large canned fresh-keeping raw materials, to small packaged bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots for bamboo shoots. Its preservation and processing methods for edible bamboo shoots do not use chemical synthetic substances such as preservatives and antioxidants, which can solve the preservation problem and can be directly consumed. From roughing to finishing, the added value of its products is increased by 1.5 to 2 times. The process flow is: boiled bamboo shoots → open cans → rinse → slitting → cleaning → pressing → flavoring → weighing → bagging → selection → adding Edible oil → vacuum seal → autoclave → drying → inspection → outer bag → sealing → finished product into inventory.

Second, preservation of bamboo shoots

1.Refrigerated and fresh-keeping: bamboo shoots have a short period of time, and the amount of listed products is concentrated, causing certain difficulties in processing and transportation. Using cold storage can effectively extend the preservation period, but the preservation temperature should not be too low. Otherwise, the protein in the bamboo shoots will denature and disintegrate. Can not eat.

Before bamboo shoots are stored in cold storage, the following items must be observed:

First of all, the cold storage should be disinfected. Under normal circumstances, the disinfectants should be selected for low toxicity, such as 2.9% formazan solution, and at the same time, avoid pests and bamboo shoots brought into the cold storage.

When refrigerated, the bamboo shoots are piled in an effort to be ventilated. There must be a gap between the bamboo shoots and the bamboo shoots. The temperature and humidity should be stable. The bamboo shoots must not be moved during the cold period and must not be mixed with other vegetables.

Refrigerated bamboo shoots should be selected from bamboo shoots in the high season or later bamboo shoots, which is more meaningful for extending the processing period and regulating the market.

Judging from the effect of cold storage, the effect of different treatment of cold storage of bamboo shoots is not the same, bamboo slices frozen to -18 °C is more ideal, can be frozen for more than 1 year. With fresh bamboo shoots at -5°C, the relative humidity is over 90% and it can be refrigerated for more than 1 month.

According to different refrigerated purposes, different refrigerating methods can be adopted. The vegetable market is mainly refrigerated with short-term refrigeration under the condition of 2°C and relative humidity of 90%. For food factories that use bamboo shoots for processing, raw bamboo shoots can be used for refrigerated storage at -18°C. You can also choose to -5 °C, relative humidity of 80% to 90% under conditions of fresh bamboo shoots with refrigeration; hotels, guesthouses and other catering services, can be sliced ​​after peeling around -5 °C refrigerated.

2. Use preservatives - live charcoal and quicklime

In a fresh bamboo shoot of 4 kg in weight, two breathable paper bags containing about 10 grams of activated charcoal or quicklime are placed. This method is commonly used in Japan.

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