Livestock Farming Essentials in November

The winter will begin in the second half of this month. After the beginning of winter, some areas will have a beginning frost. The average monthly temperature is around 10-15 degrees, and winter time in Wenzhou may be postponed until December. According to the climate characteristics of this month, livestock and poultry production mainly performs the following tasks:

1. The autumn epidemic prevention of live pigs has been completed and emphasis has been placed on making up the needles. In addition, due to the cold air southward, live pigs are easy to catch cold, prone to diarrhea disease, pay attention to do a good job of insulation work, the occurrence of diarrhea disease can be used oral supplement salt and feed add olaquindox to be treated. When sows are produced, piglets are best kept warm by nursery bars.

2, grazing cattle to strengthen grazing, eat enough fodder. At the same time repair the cowshed and do warm work.

3. If goats have not been immunized against sheeppox vaccine, they should be vaccinated. In addition, an insect repellent work was conducted before the winter season. When grazing, in the morning after the dew is dry, go out to grazing, and late in the afternoon to collect the grazing. Try to make the goat eat enough grass to grow.

4. The long-tailed rabbits are approaching the end of autumn work. The long-haired Aberdeen Rabbit pays attention to the warm work of the rabbits and avoids the frozen rabbits being frozen out of the nest box.

5, in order to seize the cultivation of artificial grass ryegrass at the same time, do everything possible to herbivores to store enough winter forage grass.

6, during the beginning of winter is the best season to raise the New Year's geese, geese habits of peasants quickly introduced the breeding of goose, feeding 70 days are catching up with the Spring Festival, can be sold at a good price.

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