Use of small diesel engine can not ignore several issues

With the further popularization of small-sized tillage machines, many mechanical faults have appeared, and premature wear and premature damage of machines often occur because they do not understand normal use and maintenance.

According to the sales point of the agricultural machinery and several manufacturers that produce small diesel engines, in the past few years, during the three-packet period or other reasons that require the maintenance of small-size diesel engines, there are a large number of diesel engines that do not have the ability to start and burn; Problems such as bending or piston damage. The cause of these failures that should not have occurred was that farmers' friends did not know how to properly use and maintain them. Since many farmers had never been in contact with machinery (especially power machinery), most of them had been forced out of the "real kung fu" overnight without training. Although it is possible to operate the aircraft, most of them have little knowledge of the problem: only when the purchase is made at the point of sale, the sales person will simply shake the engine, increase or decrease the throttle, and know the use of the clutch. There is no real understanding of how to properly maintain during use. As stated above, the diesel engine is weak and cannot be started, which is caused by the premature wear of the piston ring due to the lack of attention to the role of the air filter. Some air filters are not too hard, and the shells are cracked a few days later. However, our farmer friends do not know how to deal with these problems. They often find a piece of wire or a rope and tie it. In fact, this time, the air filter It does not work at all, so silt can easily enter the cylinder and thus cause premature wear of the piston ring. Secondly, when it comes to burning bearings, it is also because they do not understand how important it is to maintain the oil level of the engine oil. It does not matter if it is more or less, and it does not matter. Therefore, it can easily burn the bearing when it is in short supply. In addition, when it comes to connecting rod bending or piston damage, it is mainly caused by one reason, that is, it does not pay attention in use, causing a rollover, but does not know how to turn off the flame immediately, resulting in mud water sucked into the cylinder, which will inevitably make the connecting rod bend Or the piston is damaged.

Operating agricultural machinery is not as simple as using home appliances. It involves safety (personal safety, machine safety) issues. The author believes that reducing the occurrence of these problems will enable farmers' friends to use fewer troubles in the use of micro-farming machines and will need help in many ways. First, the manufacturer's instruction manual should be written in detail on how to use it correctly. In particular, the most prone problems are usually highlighted. Second, manufacturers must pay enough attention to the quality of the air filter. Third, sales personnel should have A certain amount of professional knowledge, when selling the machine, repeatedly asked the common farmer friends about some common problems and caused the user's attention; Fourth, the agricultural machinery departments at all levels did not forget when they promoted and promoted new agricultural machine technologies and new machinery in the countryside. The peasant friends were given more lessons in this area, so that they did not need unnecessary trouble.

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