Reasonable selection of wheat sowing date

The appropriate timing of wheat planting generally means that the average temperature in the autumn and the night falls steadily to 18-15°C. Within this range, semi-winter cultivars and spring-seeding cultivars were sowed. It is possible to use natural conditions such as temperature and light, which are suitable for autumn and winter, to form strong seedlings before winter, which is conducive to safe wintering, and increase tiller percentage and grain weight. At the moment when wheat is planted at a critical time, the province's wheat has been planted from north to south. According to the sowing date requirements of wheat varieties in different regions and different types, the following suggestions are proposed for the proper sowing of wheat in general concerns of farmers' friends:

First, according to different regions and mouths, select the appropriate type of wheat varieties.

1. In the Huaibei region, dry grain crops such as soybeans, sesame, corn and other early crops in the region have been harvested in mid-to-late September. The selection of wheat autumn varieties is mainly semi-winter, and winter wheat varieties are appropriately increased. In order to make full use of the good sensation and light and heat resources of early gargles, we achieved high yields in early sowing. For plots such as hawthorn and cotton that have been plucked too late, spring varieties are planted.

2. In the middle and southern Huaibei and along the Huaihe River, it is possible to plant semi-winter or spring varieties according to the estuary. Due to better weather conditions this year, the planting area of ​​semi-wintering varieties can be appropriately increased.

3, Jianghuai area, mainly spring varieties.

Second, according to the type of species, arrange the appropriate sowing period. Different types of varieties have different suitable sowing time requirements. Among them, the weak winter varieties can be advanced to the end of September, and the suitable sowing dates for mid-winter varieties are mid-to-late October. Spring varieties are postponed until late October to early November. High-yielding cultivation generally requires early sowing within the appropriate sowing date range. However, some spring varieties with good comprehensive traits but poor frost resistance, such as Zhengmai 9023 and Shumai 33, should pay special attention to prevent premature sowing.

Third, supporting cultivation techniques. For the Huaibei early estuary area, the wheat precision, semi-precision seeding technology and nitrogen fertilizer transfer technology can be promoted. Precise and semi-precision seeding will help promote efficient tillering before winter and produce multiple spikes and large spikes. After the "nitrogen shift," it will increase protein content and improve wheat quality. Along the Huaihe River and the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River Region, it is necessary to promote the techniques of cost-cutting techniques such as drilling and cultivation techniques for the rice cultivator, the integrated pest control technology, and the balanced fertilization technology, so that the season can be ensured when the cornices are tense, and timely sowing and emergence can be ensured. Yield and quality.

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