Reducing the amount of feed lysine can make fat pigs

Researchers at the Institute of Animal Husbandry in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, have found a new way to increase the fat content of pork. Through the “learning by hand” on pig feed, and appropriately reducing the lysine content in the feed, the pork fat content can be doubled.
According to the Japanese “Yomiuri Shimbun” reported on the 14th, in order to allow pigs to gain weight more quickly, they usually need to be fed a feed containing a minimum of 0.6% lysine at the stage of their growth from 70 kg to 120 kg at the time of slaughter. The researchers envisaged increasing the body fat content of the pig by adjusting the amount of lysine in the feed during this period. They fed 6 pigs with feed containing 0.4% lysine and found that the fat content of the 6 pigs increased by nearly 2 times compared to the pigs fed the diet containing more than 0.6% lysine.
The researchers believe that after reducing the lysine content in the feed, the protein responsible for inhaling glucose into fat cells will become more "vital", but the specific mechanism remains to be further studied. By reducing the amount of lysine in the feed, the pig's slaughter time was extended by about 2 weeks. Researchers believe that this problem can be solved by adjusting the date of feeding.

From the month of May, the new crop of onion from Jinxiang has harvested. After dried enough, the Yellow Onion can be packed and shipped from the month of June. The new crop Fresh Onion has very beautiful appearance and great quality. Jinxiang is a famous county which has large area planting garlic and onion. 

1. Commodity name: Fresh Onion

2. Feature: Natural color, Thick and full skin, No stain and soil on outer skin, Firm and no rotten.
3. Size: 3.0-5.0cm, 5.0-7.0cm, 7.0-10cm
4. Variety: Yellow Onion and Red Onion
1) 10kg/carton, 20kg/carton, 10kgs/mesh bag,20kg/mesh bag and 25kgs/mesh bag
2) or according to the clients' requirements.
6. Supply Period:
A) Fresh season: May to the middle of August
B) Cold storage season: August to December.
7.Conveyance:26-30MT/40'HR (loading quantity depending on packing)

8.Transporting and storing temperature: 0°C  -+1°C

Yellow Onion

Yellow Onion

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