What are the 5 effects of greenhouse warming agents?

What are the 5 effects of greenhouse warming agents?
The effect of temperature increasing fermentation aids in greenhouses has good comprehensive economic benefits and ecological benefits. The main manifestations are as follows: (1) The effect of warming and heat preservation is obvious: Generally, the ground temperature of 20 centimeters can be increased by 4-6 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature can be increased by 2-3 degrees centigrade. Early spring crops can be sown and set at 10-15 days in advance. Many fruit trees can be advanced 10 -20 days of germination, flowering, fruiting, late tillage crops (Autumn delayed crops) can extend the fertility period of 30 days and more. (2) The concentration of carbon dioxide increases exponentially: greenhouse warmers can increase the carbon dioxide concentration in a certain area of ​​greenhouse space by 4-6 times, increase the water use efficiency by 80%-150%, and increase the photosynthetic efficiency by more than 50%. (3) Good effect of disease prevention and disease resistance: It has been proved by practice that the use of greenhouse warming agents can reduce the dosage of pesticides by more than 70%. Some of them even can basically do not use pesticides, biological control substitutes chemical pesticides, and environmental protection has no pollution effect. Significant. (4) Good effects of improving soil fertility: greenhouse warmers can increase soil organic matter and humus, enrich the population structure of soil beneficial microorganisms, and can greatly improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, such as soil pellet structure, aeration, water retention and fertility, etc. All can be significantly improved, and the number of roots and root fresh weight increase accordingly. (5) Significant economic benefits: Increase input-output ratio. Using greenhouse warmers, the average yield per mu can be increased by 50-60%, and the input-output ratio can reach 1:20 or higher, and waste utilization and benign circulation mechanisms can be formed.

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