Quick cooking recipes are low in salt, low in fat and delicious

The method of using less oil is not just to put less oil on cooking, but also to change the cooking method, turning frying and frying into boiling, steaming, and mixing. Because, if you put too little oil, it's not good to eat food and it's better to cook it. Even if cooking less oil, if each meal is cooked every meal, then the amount of fat is difficult to control within a reasonable range. Therefore, it is better to arrange as follows: There is only one meal for every meal, and other dishes can be cooked, steamed, mixed, less oiled, or refreshing or soft, and taste good. After this match, you will feel that the meal with less oil and salt is also very rich and delicious.

Raw lettuce

Raw materials: 300 grams of lettuce, 3 grams of sesame seeds

Method: Wash lettuce peeled, cut filaments, enlarge the bowl. Sesame small fire roasted incense. Sprinkle 1 gram of chicken essence, 2 teaspoons of fruit vinegar, a few drops of sesame oil or nut oil, and sprinkle with freshly fried sesame seeds.

Rating: crisp and refreshing, especially suitable for refreshing after eating greasy dishes. The fat content is less than 1% and the salt content is less than 0.2%.

叮咛 叮咛: Lettuce to remove rough tendons, crisp texture. When frying sesame seeds, be careful of frying and squeezing. Turn off the heat in advance and use the remaining heat to bake the sesame seeds into pale yellow.

Extremely low-fat egg tart

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 150 grams of skim milk, 150 grams of water, 1 g of chicken, 1 g of salt, a few drops of sesame oil, a little chives, black pepper, white pepper and a little more.

Method: Mix the eggs thoroughly with an egg beater, add skim milk, chicken powder, salt, water, and pepper to mix. Finally, sprinkle with sesame oil and chopped green onion. Place the soup in the plate, cap it, heat in the microwave for 3 minutes, and then change it to a low fire for 3 minutes.

Evaluation: Tenderness exceeds that of Japanese egg tart, delicious and delicious, fat content is less than 3%, salt content is 0.3%.

叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛. At the same time, because it is a low-salt food, the flavor of the egg itself must be sufficient. Adding some spices can reduce the sensation of lightness.

Raw steamed vegetables

Raw materials: 1 carrot, 1 potato, 200 grams of pumpkin, half of green cauliflower.

Practice: Wash vegetables. The potatoes were peeled and the buds on the surface of the skin, the blackened part were cut off, and the thick strips were cut; the pumpkins and carrots were sliced; the green cauliflower was chopped into pieces. Take a big soup plate and place the vegetables in the order of pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, and green cauliflowers. Steam up the steamer. Remove all green cauliflower after 5 minutes, remove carrots after 10 minutes, remove potatoes and pumpkins after 15 minutes. Magnify the plate into four sizes and eat it.

Evaluation: If you don't put any oil or salt, you can eat it and have a natural and sweet smell. The fat content is less than 0.5%, the salt content is zero, and the nutrition is rich. Very suitable for "three high" patients and dieters to eat. One potato can replace the staple food, and eating it will not have to eat.

叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛 叮咛. Do not be hard-hearted. Time can be slightly adjusted according to your own situation. The vegetables must be fresh and the potatoes not green.

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