Is wife habitual abortion related to her husband?

A man once married twice. The first wife had been pregnant for eight times, but abortion occurred less than two months after each pregnancy. At the hospital, no problems were found in both the physical and reproductive systems. A few years later, they divorced and established separate families. After the woman remarried, she had two healthy children. The man's second wife had three miscarriages in succession. Obviously, this man’s wife’s abortion was directly responsible for him. Where is the defect of this man? The genetic examination revealed the mystery. The original man had a chromosomal abnormality and a balanced translocation occurred.

There are 23 pairs (46) of chromosomes in human cells. Why does chromosomal translocation cause habitual abortion? When a normal person forms a germ cell, primary spermatocytes and primary oocytes must undergo meiosis, dividing the 46 chromosomes into two, so that each sperm and egg contains only 23 chromosomes. After fertilization, the zygote became one and the 23 chromosomes from both parents were combined into 23 pairs to form a normal embryo. In the case of chromosomal translocations, this distribution will be uneven. As the aforementioned man, due to abnormal chromosome 13 can not be normal split, so the sperm produced after meiosis is not with two 13 chromosomes, or a missing chromosome 13. This combination of sperm and normal eggs results in the formation of abnormal trisomic or monomeric fertilized eggs (normally dimeric). Individual forms of fertilized eggs often die in the early stages of embryonic development, resulting in miscarriage or stillbirths. Trisomic forms of fertilized eggs are also prone to miscarriage. Even if they can barely survive to birth, they must be congenital malformations and difficult to grow. Or develop into a low energy child.

Due to the lack of scientific knowledge, some people think that "abortion is a problem for women." Some women are therefore discriminated against and even persecuted. In recent years, with the development of medical genetics and the increasing popularity of chromosome inspection techniques, it has been increasingly discovered that some of the causes of recurrent miscarriage are due to abnormal chromosomes, and both parties can cause chromosomal abnormalities. abortion. Patients with a balanced chromosome translocation may be male or female. This carrier accounts for about 0.2% of the population, that is, one in 250 normal couples. However, among those who had had a history of spontaneous abortion, carriers accounted for 5%. These people may have stillbirths, stillbirths, miscarriages, and deformed children when they are born after marriage. All in all, abortion cannot be "punished" by the woman, and the man sometimes has an irresponsible responsibility.

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