Conditioning: self-care of habitual abortion

Those who have had spontaneous abortions more than three consecutive times are referred to as habitual abortions. In general, sexual life has an adverse effect on habitual abortion, although it is not a decisive factor, but it has an inducing effect. This is mainly due to the tendency of habitual abortion for self-induced abortion. Once a person has sex, the spirit is highly excited, the pelvic cavity and uterus are congested, the uterine cramps contract during orgasm, the impact of the penis on the uterus, and the contractile action of prostaglandin on the uterus in semen. , can stimulate unhealthy embryonic tissue bleeding, causing abdominal pain. These are some of the adverse reactions of sexual life to women suffering from habitual abortions.

However, when the cause of habitual abortion has been corrected and fetal development is already on track, a small number of sexual intercourse will not trigger abortion. So how do habitual abortion people live sex?

1, pregnancy should avoid sexual intercourse. A minority of women who have a clear abortion cause, whose cause has been removed, or whose risk of miscarriage has passed, may have proper sexual intercourse. Such as habitual abortion due to lack of corpus luteum, occurred in early pregnancy, after progesterone supplementation to 3 months of pregnancy, embryonic development is normal, the placenta has been able to secrete a large number of progesterone, generally does not happen miscarriage, so pregnant After 3 months, proper intercourse can be made.

2, in the case of sexual life, sexual intercourse can take vitamin E, to prevent uterine cramps contraction.

3, rest during pregnancy. Abnormal periods of abortion should be absolute bed rest. Eliminating the mental state of tension and anxiety is an important measure to prevent miscarriage. If necessary, sedatives can be taken.

4, sexual activity can not be too aggressive too aggressive. Semen should not stay in the vagina. If abdominal pain persists after intercourse, the doctor should be promptly diagnosed.

5, most patients are best abstinent for a long time. Do not watch sexy books, magazines, and movies during the period of abstinence so as not to cause sexual tension. Sexual demands cannot be masturbated because masturbation stimulates the uterus far more strongly than the intensity of contractions caused by orgasm.

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