Breast cancer can also occur during pregnancy?

The joy of motherhood is indescribable, but if this beautiful dream must be suspended because of an unexpected breast tumor, will the fight of life be similar? ! Today, this beautiful, age-old 28-year-old woman with gestational breast cancer finally managed to survive the cessation of her pregnancy, devastating her preoperative chemotherapy, shrinking her tumor, and successfully completing her cleansing operation. Paste, remind pregnant pregnant, young expectant mothers, please, you must be a breast health check before pregnancy 6 months.
Breast cancer during pregnancy is breast cancer that occurs during pregnancy and one year after birth.

To be a beautiful mother is the beautiful wish of every woman. The pressure of urban life makes the proportion of late marriage and childbearing gradually increase. In recent years, the incidence of breast cancer has increased rapidly. With the young age of onset, the occurrence of breast cancer during pregnancy Shows an increasing trend. The occurrence of gestational breast cancer accounts for approximately one in 3000 births and 0.5%-1% of all breast cancers. From 180 possible pregnancy periods for women aged 25 to 40 years, approximately 22 months are at risk, ie approximately 12.2% of the time is at risk of exposure. Current research suggests that there is no direct causal relationship between pregnancy and breast cancer.

The literature generally believes that the diagnosis of gestational breast cancer is often delayed due to dramatic changes in estrogen, progesterone, growth hormone, and prolactin during pregnancy, weight gain, and an increase in breast volume. Immerse in the mother's happiness and the young mother's often lack of breast cancer awareness may actually be one of the more important reasons, at least for this reason.

Pregnancy breast cancer mostly manifests itself as painless masses of the breast, dark bloody discharge of the nipples, and even as a result of the discovery of axillary lymph nodes. About 80% of pregnant women with breast cancer have been diagnosed with axillary lymph node metastasis. According to the previous literature, the prognosis of breast cancer during pregnancy is poor, and the disease progresses rapidly. In fact, when matched according to the pathological parameters of the disease, there is no significant difference between the prognosis of breast cancer during pregnancy and common breast cancer. Therefore, when your breast is abnormal, please check it positively. When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, please establish your firm confidence.

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