A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables moves

As countries have increased their investment in agricultural scientific research, new fruits and vegetables have been continuously researched and developed, which has resulted in significant improvements in the storage and preservation of fruits and vegetables and in promoting agricultural efficiency.
Cold temperature and high humidity storage method. Japan's Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Fruit Research Institute developed a new method of fruit preservation, that is, "cold temperature and high humidity storage method." It can greatly extend the fruit preservation time without adversely affecting the fruit. Its practice is: to adjust the temperature of the cold storage to 0 ~ 1 °C, humidity adjusted to 95%, and inject a mixture of negative ions and ozone gas. Its advantage is that some fruits can not withstand low temperatures, but high humidity can solve this problem; low concentrations of ozone can not be sterilized, but with the addition of negative ions, the bactericidal capacity has been significantly improved, will not have adverse effects on the fruit. Compared with the previous method, the preservation time of peaches, grapes and pears can be prolonged by 5 times, and the citrus can still be eaten after being removed for 5 months.
Edible fruit and vegetable preservatives. The United Kingdom has successfully developed an edible preservative for fruits and vegetables. It is a translucent emulsion formulated with sucrose, starch, fatty acids and polyesters. It can be applied to the surface of citrus, apple, watermelon, banana, tomato and eggplant by spraying, brushing or dipping. The freshness can reach 200. Days or more. As a film is formed on the surface of the fruit, oxygen can be prevented from entering the interior of the fruit, thereby prolonging the ripening process of the fruit and playing a role in freshness preservation. This preservative can be eaten with fruit.
High-temperature treatment preservation method. Britain has invented a variety of high temperature storage technology for bulb vegetables. The technology uses high temperature to inhibit the germination of bulb vegetables. The storage room temperature is controlled at 23 °C, and the relative humidity is maintained at 75%, so that long-term storage and preservation can be achieved.
New plastic cling film. Japan developed a new disposable plastic cling film. It consists of two translucent translucent nylon membranes with high osmotic sugar syrup between the two layers. The packaging of fruits and vegetables with this plastic film can slowly absorb moisture that has exuded from the surfaces of fruits and vegetables, thereby achieving the purpose of preservation.
Decompression treatment preservation method. The low pressure in the storage room is generated by pumping out indoor air by a vacuum pump. The low pressure is controlled below 100 mmHg and the lowest is 8 mmHg. The relative humidity in the air is controlled by a humidifier installed in the room, which is generally more than 90%. The method reduces the oxygen content in the room during the evacuation, maintains the respiration of the fruits and vegetables at a minimum level, and also excludes part of the indoor carbon dioxide and ethylene gases, thereby facilitating long-term storage of fruits and vegetables.

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