Why does the fruit tree not sprout after planting?

Planting fruit trees in spring from March 20 to April 5, during this season, the temperature and the ground temperature are very fast. The fruit trees begin to sprout 15 days after colonization. If you do not germinate during this period of time, it is known as “stuffing buds” in fruit cultivation. Such plants often do not germinate until the arrival of the rainy season in July-August.

First, the cause of “stuffing buds” is too heavy, too deep planted, too much watering, too much work, poorly buried soil, poor soil moisture content, and weak or no buds in the plastic belt when dry, even Without buds, it can cause "swollen buds."

Second, to solve the problem of “stuffing buds” after planting (A) When the fruit trees and nursery stocks are out of the nursery, they need to be excavated from 20 centimeters around the stem to preserve the lateral root length of 20 centimeters, and at least 5 or more, and a large number of fibrous roots. (ii) When planting, the depth of planting seedlings is 3 to 5 cm deeper than that of the original seedlings, and if the grafting interface is 3 to 5 cm above the ground, it is advisable to marry the interface and the ground at the time of transplanting. (3) Once the plant has been planted, pour water once, then pile up the soil, pile up a pile of 15 cm in diameter and 30 to 40 cm in diameter around the tree trunk, and piling the soil together in the rainy season. After planting, watering can not be done frequently, so as to avoid low temperature around the root system, less air, too much water, etc., which is not conducive to the growth of fruit tree roots. (d) If the soil in the garden is sandy and poor in water retention, it is best to plant a fruit tree over the mulch. The size of the mulch is the same as that of the tree tray (1 square meter). (e) When it is dry, be sure to leave 5 to 6 full shoots within the 20 cm plastic band under the clipping. If the secondary tip has been drawn in the orthopedic zone, especially if there is no bud in the base of the secondary tip, then 2 to 3 buds must be cut at the secondary tip.

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