Rotary cultivator safe operation precautions

Before using the rotavator, check whether the gearbox oil seal and paper pad are intact to avoid leakage of the gearbox. When using, pay attention to the noise in the gear box. If there is foreign matter in the gear box, the size of the bevel gear gap is improper, and the bearings and gears are damaged, it may cause the rotary cutter shaft to suddenly rotate without flexibility or even rotation. At this time, all parts should be carefully inspected and faults should be corrected according to actual conditions.
The following problems may occur during the operation of the rotavator:
1. Due to the deep depth of rotary tillage and the heavy or hard soil, the load of the rotary tiller will cause the tractor to emit black smoke, accompanied by slippage. At this time, the depth of ploughing or ploughing should be appropriately reduced, or the low gear should be replaced.
2. There is a problem with the quality of the rotary cultivator, that is, large pieces of soil are thrown out of the cultivator or a large piece of land is formed. Discontinuation of large pieces of soil waste is due to bending deformation, breakage, loss, or serious wear of the rotary blades. Check and repair should be performed depending on the situation; if unevenness occurs on the ground after rotary tillage, it is due to the forward speed and rotary blade shaft. If the rotation speed is improperly matched, the rotational speed ratio should be increased (that is, by lowering the gear operation).
3. If the rotary cultivator does not rise to the predetermined height during transportation, the chains may not be pulled tightly and the chain may break.
4. The person on the rotary tiller should be strictly prohibited and should be shut down during maintenance.

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