High-yielding Cultivation of Watermelon in Greenhouse

I. Variety selection

According to the different consumer markets, different varieties can be selected. Varieties must not only be suitable for low-temperature and high-humidity cultivation in greenhouse cultivation, but also high-quality, disease-resistant, high-yield, such as Japan's sweet Jane, the best Jingxin, Toyota and other Mary.

Second, the soil fertigation

Greenhouse watermelons are generally cultivated at a higher density, so the site preparation must be fine. Generally used small high ridge or sorghum cultivation, 2.8-3.2 meters between the shed bracket, the middle of planting double rows, mus colonization 650-700, three vine pruning, leaving 1 melon per plant. When used in the cultivation of ground pupa, it can be used as a north-south pod.

Third, greenhouse cultivation technology

Seeds of watermelon and rootstock can be soaked with fresh water at 55°C-60°C, sowed after germination, and the disinfection of seedbeds and nutritious soils can be done well. When the watermelon seedling grows to the cotyledon flattening, when the true leaf of the pumpkin rootstock seedling grows to the size of the soybean, it is grafted by grafting or by grafting. When the grafted watermelon seedling grows to 4-5 true leaves, it is subjected to low-temperature exercise, and it is grabbed in early March. Planted in sunny weather.

IV. Field Management after Planting

After the colonization of watermelon in greenhouse, it is mainly the integrated management of fertilizer, water temperature, humidity and gas regulation.

1. Harmless formula fertilization

(1) Application of basal fertilizer: 4-5 parts per mus of high quality manure or 3000-4000 kilograms of chicken manure fully decomposed, 150 kilograms of cake fertilizer and 25-30 kilograms of potassium sulfate.

(2) Appropriate top-dressing: Based on the application of basal fertilizer, according to the characteristics of plant growth and development, it is necessary to lightly apply Miaofei, skillfully apply vine manure, and reapply swelling manure to meet the needs of watermelon growth and results.

(3) Foliar fertilization: In the middle and later stages of watermelon growth, a 0.3% solution of potassium dihydrogen phosphate may be sprayed on the foliage.

2 greenhouse temperature and humidity management

(1) Temperature management: Within 5-7 days after the fixed value, it is necessary to pay attention to raising the temperature and keep the temperature above 27°C to promote easing of seedlings. During the flowering period of watermelon in greenhouses, sufficient light and high night temperatures should be maintained to prevent excessive temperature difference and excessive temperature, resulting in deterioration of fruit quality and quality.

(2) Humidity management: The relative humidity of the air in the greenhouse is relatively high. Under the conditions of using plastic film, the air humidity can be significantly reduced.

3. Gas regulation

The carbon dioxide content in the air under the confined conditions of the greenhouse is seriously insufficient and should be supplemented.


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