Self-made substrate nutrition soil

Self-produced substrate nutrition soil sawdust can be fermented into high-quality nutrient soil as long as the following treatment, the operation method is as follows:
Preparation. 2 m3 of sawdust, 1 bag of microbial fermentation agent, 2 kg of urea (or 50-100 kg of poultry excrement), and 5 kg of rice bran.
Moisture. The water content of the sawdust must be determined before the amount of water can be determined. The water content of the sawdust to be fermented is adjusted to 60-65% (usually by hand, the fingers cannot fall off the water as a rough standard), and the water content is too high. Or too low are not conducive to fermentation. Then, 2 kilograms of urea were mixed with the appropriate amount of water to make a urea water reserve.
Consumables. Because it is too inconvenient to spread the material evenly, one bag of jinbao biofermenting agent should be evenly mixed in about 5 kilograms of rice bran, so that the mixture of the fermented microbial agent and rice bran can be increased to 6 kg. It is easy to spread it evenly into the pile of sawdust to be fermented.
Spread the material. The above-prepared fermented microbial inoculant and rice bran mixture are evenly mixed in the sawdust, then, the prepared urea water is sprinkled on the sawdust after being planted, and the sawdust is piled into a pile, and the rear lid is piled up. Upper breathable cover can be.
Turn over. After the sawdust is piled up for 7-10 days, the fermentation temperature reaches about 60°C. It can be turned once at a high temperature of about 60°C for 24-36 hours, and then waits until the temperature reaches 60°C. The second time it turns, the second time After turning, naturally leave it for 5-7 days. The fermentation temperature is stable below 40°C to complete the fermentation. Fermentation can be completed 25-30 days under normal conditions (post cooked can be extended to 30-45 days). Details can visit the website or consult.

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