Anti-season pheasant farming

Colorful pheasants generally start egg production every April to May, and basically stop production in September. Since the pheasant takes four to five months to reach its time to market, its time to market is concentrated between September and January. The large number of seasoned pheasants is just the off-season for market demand, and the most popular season for pheasants is from February to May. Its sales price is more than double the off-season. Therefore, the cultivation of pheasant species breeding in the off-season and the listing of pheasant products all year round can greatly increase economic benefits.
The source of these chicken species for dual-season pheasant production can be purified from the pheasant seedlings that are hatched at the latest in the autumn each year, and are usually hatched in late December. Months of feeding, that is, the production in July to December to suspend production; pheasant stay in February is generally opened in October until the following March to suspend production. Egg production per hen ranges from 100 to 120. These hatched chicks are listed on the market for four or five months after hatching. This is exactly the best-selling season for commercial pheasants. At the same time, the pheasants hatched from December to March of the following year can be used as a counter-season breeding pheasant population in the next year.
It is advisable to keep the back-season pheasant breeder roosters one month ahead of schedule so that they can be synchronised and mature at the time of hens production and facilitate mating. At the same time, the roosters need to avoid inbreeding, which is beneficial to improving hatching rate, reducing weak chicks and improving breeds. The breeding stage can be used for laying hens, plus fish meal, vitamin A, vitamin D and other additives. It can be kept indoors during the winter and sunlight for 16 hours.

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