Fine Orange Tree Grafting Technology

First, take branches in the air, and cultivate seedlings First, choose 2-3 years old fruit branches of good mandarin (such as Xingjin Early Life, etc.) as rootstocks. Ring peeling from its roots can prevent backflow of nutrient solution in the stem. Secondly, in the two branches on the side of the branch of the fruit branch, a few centimeters of bark was peeled off with a knife as an inserting socket for grafting. Graft wood used for pods (or structure orange) saplings. In order to prevent the seedling roots from drying out and avoiding direct sunlight, they should be wrapped in mud and made into balls. The outer layer should be tied with a damp cloth. The outermost layer should be tightly packed with a colorless plastic film and taped on the fruit branches. In addition, the soil used for enclosing the root system is preferably a soil with no local fertilizer, but a small amount of rotted leaf soil and chopped hay or rice straw may be added. One way to do this is to maintain good air permeability, and the second is to reinforce the soil so that it does not fragment quickly. After 40 days, the wooden layer was cut off with a saw at the site of circular peeling, and transplanted into an old plastic bag (or other various containers) commonly used for growing fertilizer. The growth period has been extended until the spring of the following year is suitable for fruit tree colonization. Second, several factors to improve the survival rate of grafting 1. Ensure that grafting is completed within the grafting period. Grafting time is most suitable from June to July each year. This is different from the time for ordinary orange trees to be grafted. If it is carried out during the period from March to May, the root system of the seedlings has not yet been extended to a certain extent. The grafted seedlings are not easy to survive. 2. Generally choose the fruit branch of the end result as rootstock. According to the experience of Japanese fruit farmers, the survival rate of the grafts that have not yet been fruitful is higher than the survival rate of the grafted branches. At the same time, the fruit branches used as rootstock should not be excessively thick, otherwise the consequences of blade falling off can be easily caused during the cutting process. 3. When cutting the scion, the earwood interface must be maintained at an angle to prevent cracking of the xylem. After the scion is embedded, healing agent should also be applied. 4. Keep a distance of 1-2cm between the interface tape and the soil. Because the distance from the root to the panicle is short, after the banding tape is applied, the soil around the scion outlet is easily blocked by the soil and affects the breathing of the panicle root, resulting in debilitating tree vigor. In addition to the above methods applicable to fruit trees such as mandarin orange, orange, orange, grapefruit, etc., it can also be used for general common fruit trees, ornamental seedlings in gardens and potted precious tree species. Third, the parasitic grafting, the root seedlings use the root tree of the resulting tree as the rootstock for grafting, grafting 2-3 years old fruit twigs on it, this method is called "parasitic grafting method." Take the roots of fruit trees as rootstocks, cut them off, and expose the cuts to the surface. Then, the grafting can be performed according to the conventional grafting method. The principle is to use the special physiological function and vitality of the root system in the soil to increase the survival rate of grafting. The greatest advantage of this method is that it saves seedlings, reduces costs, and can be transplanted or grown on site. If you want to transplant, you should choose a smaller root for rootstock, generally the thickness of the thumb is appropriate. If you do not want to transplant, you can choose a strong root for rootstock, but too thick will affect the growth of the whole tree. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the shading of the interface.

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