Mountain chicken stocking technical points

The chicks are afraid of the cold, and farmers in spring should make preparations in advance before purchasing them.
During the transitional period, a hut should be prepared to do a good job in sanitation and cleanliness. At the same time, the doors and windows should be relatively airtight and light-proof to prevent thieves from entering. The transition sheds should not be too wide and open, and 100 chicks of 5 square meters can be used. Separated by large planks.
In spring, when the temperature is high and low, we must take measures to keep warm. In the transitional chicken house, the countryside can put some grass or coal ash or cardboard. In case of a cold winter, the number of chickens is large, and the broilers can consider heating bulbs, heaters, and coal stoves.
In addition, equipped with a drinking tray, feed bowl.
Chickens should not be stocked directly in the mountains. They should be kept for a period of time in the transitional sheds until they are fully adapted to the climate. They must also pay attention to the following points:
Should be mixed with feed. If full-price broiler material is prepared, it can be fed at 60% of the full price, 40% of corn flour, wheat bran, and rice bran at the beginning, and gradually reduce the proportion of full-price broiler material, as the proportion of full-priced feed is reduced. Soybean meal or beans should be added to the feed (Hudou beans, beans, and soya beans can be used, but they need to be crushed by frying until the proportion is within 20%).
It is best to allow chickens to eat freely. Allow the chicken to gain weight as soon as possible, adjust to the environment in the later period, and ensure enough clean drinking water.
Appropriately add some smashed feeds every day to sculpt gastrointestinal functions.
Frequently observe the flock and discover the problem in time. If the chicken crowded shows that it is too cold, the heat preservation should be strengthened. The chicken's open mouth breathing indicates overheating and should be promptly ventilated and ventilated.
Do a good job of coccidiosis prevention. Chickens are most likely to have coccidiosis, the main symptom is to pull red dilute feces, the beginning of the stage should be added every 10 days in the feed plus anticoccidial drugs for three days to stop the drug, after reducing the frequency of feeding.
Timely control of chicken gizzards. In the chicken stage, if nutrient deficiency is most likely to occur, they will chase each other, such as licking, licking, and licking. When the pupa phenomenon occurs, the proportion of full-priced feed or the ratio of soybean meal and beans should be increased, and some green feeds should be added to increase nutrition. Coccidiosis and cockroaches are the main causes of death of chickens and special attention should be paid.
After the transitional period is over, it is advisable to establish a closed free-range circle for the chicken sheds and the external environment to facilitate management. When the number of chickens is large, a pergola can be set up in the free-range and the water points can be reasonably distributed.
The chicks weigh approximately 2 pounds and should be transferred to a simple chicken house. This stage should be mixed with corn flour, wheat bran, rice bran and soybean meal (or beans) in order to obtain good weight gain.
Feed at least twice daily, sooner or later, and let the flock freely forage in the wild. Feeding is best placed in simple chicken house feeding troughs to ensure cleanliness and reduce waste, providing adequate clean drinking water.
When the chicken's weight reaches about 4 pounds, it should be sold to lay the foundation for the next period of raising.

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