Why Can Winter Cucumber Apply Reflective Screen to Increase Production

Why Can Winter Cucumber Apply Reflective Screen to Increase Production? How to use the light curtain? The results of winter cucumber growth in the winter, less hours of sunshine, weak light, coupled with grass cover early cover, the number of hours of light received each day, limiting the growth and development of vegetables. According to the characteristics of greenhouse temperature and light distribution, during the daytime, the front has strong light, high temperature, low temperature at the front of the night, large temperature difference between day and night; at the rear, the daylight is weak, the temperature is low, the night temperature is higher than the front, and the temperature difference between day and night is small. Causes the cucumber to grow unevenly, the former minister is good, the output is high, the latter minister is weak, and the yield is low.

The adoption of a retroreflective screen improves the lighting conditions in the shed and raises the temperature and ground temperature. According to measurements, the light intensity at 0 meters, 1 meter, 2 meters, and 3 meters from the rear column was increased by 18,000 lux, 14,900 lux, 14,000 lux, and 6000 lux in the sunny days, respectively, compared with the control; the cloudy days were increased by 8000 lux and 7,500 lux respectively. , 2500 lux, 1000 lux. The average daily temperature was 1.43°C higher on sunny days and 0.88°C higher on cloudy days; the ground temperature was 10cm higher, 1.12°C higher on sunny days, and 0.36°C higher on cloudy days. At the same time, the growth and development were accelerated, the number of leaves increased, the plant height and stem diameter increased, and the female flowering nodes decreased. As a result, the yield was increased. According to the experiment, the yield per mu was increased by 28.6% before the end of March, and the yield was increased by 13.09% during the whole growth period. .

The method of using the light curtain is: after the cucumber is planted, the light curtain is cut into 2 meters high, hangs vertically on the south or back wall of the column after the greenhouse, the upper end is pulled with a thin wire, and the light curtain is fixed on the thin wire with a transparent tape. On the upper and lower ends, a thin bamboo basket is straightened. It was withdrawn in mid-March.

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