The importance of afforestation in pig farms

In the pig production process, a large amount of dust in the air in the house is often caused, and the pathogenic microbe harmful to the pig is attached to the dust. The dust in the pig house poses a direct threat to the health of the animal. Therefore, the dust in the air causes the pig to breathe. One of the root causes of systemic diseases and respiratory diseases.

Dust on the body of the pig can cause irritation and inflammation of the skin and reduce the ability of the skin to dissipate heat. Dust on the conjunctiva of the eye can cause conjunctivitis. Dust inhales the respiratory tract of animals and causes droplet infections. Several kinds of respiratory infections are common in pigs. Diseases such as swine pneumoconiosis, atrophic rhinitis in pigs, contagious pleurisy in pigs, etc. are all infected through the respiratory tract through airborne dust. Due to the large amount of dust in the piggery and the large number of pathogenic microorganisms, the number of microorganisms in the air in the pig house is much larger than in the atmosphere. According to reports, there are 800-1000 bacteria per liter of air in the sow's production circle, 300-500 fat pig houses.

Trees are a kind of natural dust collector because they have a unique ability to intercept, filter, absorb, and adhere to dust. A leaf can absorb dust several times its own weight. Pine, poplar, sorghum, alfalfa, tung and other trees have strong dust-collecting capacity. After the dust-collected trees have been washed by rain, they can continue to play a role in dust removal. Greening adjustable air temperature

Trees help shades, reduce radiation, reduce wind speed, trap precipitation, and transpiration to regulate air temperature, creating a comfortable and pleasant microclimate.

The leaf area of ​​trees and grassland is 75 times and 25-35 times of the planting area respectively. Leaf water evaporation can absorb large amounts of heat and reduce radiant heat by 50-90%. As a result, the temperature in the greening environment can be reduced by an average of 2-5°C (10-20%) compared to ungreen areas.

Greening can purify the air

Trees have the effect of absorbing harmful and toxic substances in the atmosphere, filtering air, and purifying the air. Photosynthesis of trees using chlorophyll can absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen. At the same time, harmful gases in the field can be reduced by 25%, odor gases can be reduced by 50%, and the number of bacteria in the air can be reduced by 21.7-79.3%.

According to reports, every hectare of broad-leaved forest can absorb 2 tons of carbon dioxide per day and release 0.73 tons of oxygen;

Paulownia, poplar, eucalyptus, maple, weeping willow, boxwood, etc., can absorb 20 milligrams of carbon dioxide from 1 cubic meter of air per day; one hectare of cedar can absorb 20 kg of carbon dioxide per year; Paulownia, Robinia pseudoacacia, Cypress, Euonymus japonicus, Ligustrum lucidum, Ginkgo biloba, Albizia julibrissin, holly, etc. have strong adsorption to a variety of toxic gases. The buds, leaves and flowers of many trees can secrete volatile phytoncides, which have strong bactericidal power and kill the pathogenic microorganisms harmful to some humans and animals.

It can be seen that a large number of tree plantings and a good greening of pig farms are fundamental measures for improving the environment and creating favorable live pig production and living.

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