Summer slimming body tips

In the midsummer, with the sudden increase in temperature, which MM who loves to wear hot pants does not want to make their body more awkward? However, due to various reasons, it is often not satisfactory. Xiao Bian summed up some tips on beauty and beauty, and hoped to help each other's MM.

Weight loss can also go to the spring and summer heat squeezing stovepipe method

First, the tools needed to scrape stovepipe

1, stovepipe essential oil: you want to double the stovepipe effect, then to choose a stovepipe oil it is currently the most popular stovepipe oil is made of juniper, grapefruit, geranium, safflower oil, carrot seeds this Made of several materials, these materials have the function of decomposing fat, detoxifying and eliminating edema.

2, scraping board: Since it is scraping stovepipe, then scraping board is indispensable, it is easy to buy, you can buy online or pharmacies, prices ranging from 5 to 30 yuan. If you do not want to spend money on squeegee plates, you can use the sleek things like wooden combs, rice spoons, etc., as long as you do not scratch the skin.

Second, how to scrape stovepipe

Using the squeegee stovepipe method, you can apply stovepipe oil on your legs first, sit on a sofa or bed, relax and naturally bend your legs, then use a scraping board or your prepared tool, then start from the knee to the heel , shave for 20 minutes every day.

1, method: stovepipe, then start from the knee to scratch, if the legs have varicose veins or edema, it is necessary to scrape from the bottom up, so that scraping can improve blood circulation, if the opposite direction will only make the edema worse . If this is not the case, both up and down directions can be performed.

2. Strength: If the scratching hand is too light, the effect will not be too good. Therefore, you must vigorously quickly scrape and scratch your strength in the strength you can bear. The bigger the better, the persistence will surely be effective.

Third, scrape the stovepipe need to pay attention to matters

1, before the beginning of the scraping, be sure to apply oil can play a role in lubrication, such as special scraping oil, olive oil, slimming oil, etc., I recommend the use of slimming oil, because the slimming oil itself has a slimming effect, so use It comes with scraping, the effect will be better.

2. After scraping, remember to clean the remaining oil on your legs with a clean paper towel.

3, after the scraping to drink a cup of hot water, as soon as possible to add the right amount of water can prevent scraping after dizziness and fatigue, but also can promote metabolism.

4. Carefully scrape and get cold, don't touch cold water after shaving, and you can't take a bath. It is recommended that you take a shower and then go to bed after shaving.

5, insist on scraping once a day, only need once on it.

6, if there is a small purple spot after shaving, do not be afraid that this is scraping scraping out of the pimple, indicating that the body is a little small problems, a few days will be fine, not everyone will scrape it out.

7, if you have to go out to stop, and then scrape after retiring, you can not scrape together.

8, do not scrape the woman three days before the menstrual period.

9, diet note: If you do not want to lose weight all over the body then there is no need to pay attention to things in the diet, but need to pay attention to eat less greasy and high sugar foods on it, if you can eat less if you can eat less, will be more it is good.

10, to enhance the effect: Scraping method can also thin thighs, thighs can also be scraping time. After doing the scraping of the stovepipe, you can do a little stovepipe yoga or a simple exercise like cycling in the air. The effect will be even more obvious.

Scrapping a stovepipe can also help you lose weight. It's a good choice. Now do you know how to scrape a stovepipe?

Waiting for the bus can also lose weight and convenient weight loss do not miss

During the commuting hours, we all felt uncomfortable. The time for waiting for buses was so long and the crowds were crowded. Imagine getting rid of the days of public transportation. Even if it was stepping on the environmental protection bicycles, it was a pity that the viaduct went one after another and buses became the only choice. In front of our livelihood, we are exhausted. It is time for us to make up for our sleep every minute and every minute to relieve fatigue. We plan in this way and wait a hundred times before we can physically participate in various activities to better shape our body. Time is money, and the body is revolutionary. We need to save time, save costs, and choose the most effective and convenient way to lose weight. Amy Wang Xiaobian tells you about the bus weight loss law. Please remember that you will no longer be uncomfortable during the commute hours, enjoy the bus life, and easily lose weight.

Waiting for a bus

When we wait for public transportation, we often grab seats? Are we backing the billboard? Are we waiting? Or is it an awkward face to imagine the arrival of Prince Charming? Don't worry, here's what to tell you, correct bus waiting posture. There is a saying of weight loss that can stand without sitting, and you can sit without lying. When we wait for a bus, it is usually when we just woke up from our bed and we have enough time for our body to rest, or when we sit in the office chair for the day we are about to stretch. Stay in a standing position. Do not rely on anything. Keep your mood happy. Open your feet a little wider than your shoulders. Or bend one leg to the right and hit the floor. Choose the most comfortable position to stand on. Good mood helps us to create good reminders faster.

Select non-air-conditioned bus

In the summer, we often sweat. This is a normal metabolism of the body. If we do not sweat, it means that the body has become unhealthy and needs to go to the hospital for treatment. We often work and live in air-conditioned residences. In the long run, it is not good for the body. In an air-conditioned environment, the temperature of the local environment is reduced, and air is not circulated, which is not conducive to human body heat release and metabolism. If we can choose a non-air-conditioned natural wind bus for a limited half-hour bus, it is very rare for the body. Most importantly, it conforms to the natural way of breathing of the skin, helping the body to release heat and burning fat.

There is no seat on the bus

Please choose to stand in the open space with handles. Hold your hands tightly with one hand or with your hands. Keep your body balanced, your legs are stretched, and your body is in a state of tension. Do not relax. It will strengthen your leg and arm muscles.

There are seats on the bus

Don't sit down without a last resort. This is a necessary guideline for losing weight. If you just go to the supermarket on this day and you are unable to meet the heavy load, you can sit on the last row if you can choose a seat. Most people like to sit in the middle, stable, comfortable and safe. The most needed place for weight loss is the last row, allowing you to experience "roller coaster" muscle exercises everywhere at any time. For the purpose of running down, bumps will make you feel happy.

Bus driving rhythm

In the course of running a bus, we should control our body to tilt with the direction of the bus, such as turning and accelerating. All can effectively stretch our muscles, long-term accumulation will shape our body shape.

Weight loss taboo on the bus: eat

If you want to lose weight, diet must be restrained anytime, anywhere, especially high-fat, high-calorie, three meals must be strictly controlled diet, while in other occasions, we all need to pay attention to any casual intake of food.

Yoga to lose weight

If you have yoga in love, and want to improve your inner beauty MM, may wish to report a yoga class. If you don't want to go to a yoga studio, you can also buy a yoga mat, go to the next yoga video online, and practice at home. In short, as long as we persist, it will certainly have an effect.

Raw Plant Powder

As people pay more attention to the concept of health, nature, and non-hazard, the more people demand pure natural plants in their daily lives.
Pure plant powder is a natural plant raw meal or slice made of natural plants through physical processing (crushing, shearing, grinding). No additives are added during the production process, and the original effective ingredients of the plant are retained.
According to different market needs, it can be made into tea cuts,Slice,TBC, plant powders, and applied to tea bags, health products, etc. Common plant powders include Astragalus powder, Reishi Mushroom powder, Pueraria lobata root powder, Moringa leaf powder and other plant powders.

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