Reveal the best food for male health

Tomato protects the prostate

Lycopene removes free radicals from the prostate and protects prostate tissue. This natural carotenoid is mainly found in tomatoes, watermelons, grapefruits and other red foods. When an adult eats 100-200 grams of tomato each day, it can meet the body's need for lycopene, and ripe tomatoes are more likely to be fully absorbed by the body. absorb.

Harvard University published a report on 47,000 long-term follow-ups in 1995.

The report pointed out that people who eat 10 or more tomatoes per week have a 45% lower risk of developing prostate cancer than the average person. Therefore, eating at least one tomato a day is a good choice for men.

Oat beneficial cardiovascular

Male endocrine metabolism is often destroyed, so they are more susceptible to high blood pressure, stroke and other diseases. Vitamin E can prevent cholesterol from clogging blood vessels and remove body waste. Coarse grains, nuts, and vegetable oils all contain vitamin E, so men should eat more of them. Especially oats, which are rich in soluble cellulose, can protect your heart and blood vessels by cleaning up cholesterol. In some cases, oats have a 30% or even higher chance of reducing heart disease risk.

Eat more food can make up

Since men were 24 years old, the quality and quantity of sperm were declining. Male semen contains a large amount of zinc, and when there is not enough zinc in the body, it affects the quantity and quality of sperm. In food, seafood, such as clams, shrimps, and crabs, have the most abundant zinc content. The content of zinc in a small clam can meet the daily requirement (15 mg), thereby enhancing men's sexual ability.

Zinc-rich foods include fish, liver, beef, shrimp, shellfish, seaweed, sesame, peanuts, soybeans, and soy products.

Fresh dates to deal with high pressure work

Because men play a role as bearers in work, family, and society for a long period of time, they are under high pressure for a long period of time and need to supplement their nutrition. People who are often nervous can eat 3 to 5 fresh dates each day to supplement vitamin C and cope with work.

In addition to fresh dates, vitamin C rich foods such as kiwifruit, oranges, oranges, broccoli, asparagus, etc., can assist in the secretion of cortisone, a stress-resisting hormone, to fight stress.

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