Rabbit Reproduction in Winter Should Pay Attention to Five Points

In winter, the climate is dry, there are few infectious diseases, and the rex rabbit has a good appetite. It is a good season for breeding, but the following links should be paid attention to in production:
1, choose to stay fine rabbits. The quality of rabbits has a great influence on the growth and development of their offspring. Rabbits of winter-producing breed should have sufficient age and weight (the male rabbit is 7-8 months old and weighs 3.5 kg, the breeding female rabbit is 6-7 months old, and the body weight is more than 3 kg). Body requirements: male rabbit full appearance, body length back flat, agile, well-developed, stout limbs; female rabbits robust, docile temperament, normal development, no less than 4 pairs of nipples, the title will pull hair mat nest, will breastfeed, Not urine nest, more litter.
2, rabbits to insulation and cold. Rex rabbits like to dry and clean environment, the most suitable temperature is 10-25 °C, winter breeding as much as possible to control at 10 °C, the minimum is not less than 5 °C. When the fire is heated in the house, it must prevent gas poisoning or cause respiratory diseases.
3, timely breeding. Due to the low winter temperatures, rabbits are reluctant to move and their estrus breeding is easily overlooked. Therefore, the rabbit house temperature can not be lower than 5 °C, rex rabbit estrus cycle is 7-12 days, estrus lasted 1-3 days, to grasp its estrus law, timely mating, to ensure winter and winter. When breeding, choose a sunny day at noon. If the temperature inside the home is well controlled, you can also start breeding in the morning and at night.
4, pay attention to feeding and management. The winter is cold and long and the lighting time is short. If the diet is lack of nutrients, it not only affects the breeding of rabbits, but also has a negative effect on the growth and development of young rabbits. Green radish, cabbage leaves, carrots and other green feeds in the winter diet should not be less than 30%. The litter size rabbits are matched with feeds rich in vitamins and trace elements such as wheat bran, fish meal, and bone meal. If conditions permit, feed pellets, recommended formula: corn 15%, bean cake 15%, wheat bran 20%, lotus root 8%, grass powder 35%, bone meal 2%, salt 0.5%, auxin 0.5%, shell powder 1 %, other 3%. The pups have small stomachs and should eat fewer meals. They should be fed 4-5 times a day and feed once at night. Drinking water should be enhanced on weekdays, and grass with soil, mildew, or frosty ice should be prohibited. The female rabbit should drink brown sugar water or saline after delivery. Young rabbits and rabbits should exercise more and pay attention to disease prevention to increase the survival rate.
5, prevention and treatment of diseases. Regular epidemic prevention and disinfection. Pigeons, garlic, and green onions are often fed to rabbits in order to prevent diseases. When diseases occur, they must be quarantined in a timely manner and disinfected so as to prevent spread and immediately ask the veterinarian for treatment.

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