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Contact: Qianlong Army Telephone Phone Hangzhou Jiajie Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest producers of compressed air purification equipment in China. With a strong product development, design and development capability, and based on the digestion and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad, combined with the actual conditions of domestic conditions, production of a variety of pressure and processing capacity of the dryer, suction dryer, precision filters, gas Liquid separators, rear coolers and other purification equipment provide the best post-treatment purification products for all types of oil-free, oil-free air compressors. First, the main compressor products: screw air compressor, piston air compressor, refrigeration dryer, cold dryer, no heat (micro-heat) regeneration adsorption dryer, efficient degreasing, dust removal, odor, Sterilizing filter, high-efficiency oil-water separator, rear cooler, industrial dehumidifier, chiller, pre-cooling unit, gas storage tank, alumina, silencer, various automatic drainage devices, various screw air compressors Filtration and other specifications products. Product dew point range: -23 °C -70 °C, processing capacity: 0.6-300Nm3/min, outlet oil content: 10PPm-0.001PPm, export dust particle size: 3μm ~ 0.01μm. Second, the compressed air brand filter: the United States Hankison new series, the United States Hankison old series, the British Domnick hunter company series, the West German Ultrafilter company series, the Italian Hiross company series, the German Zender company series, the Japanese SMC company series, the Italian BEA company series, Swedish Atlas-Copco company series. Third, the other company's product filter: compressed air precision filter: Jiamei, Jiameng, Zhendong, Colin, ultrafiltration, Hanye, Han Yue, Risheng, Shan Li, You Cheng, Amagi, Jiayuan and so on. (Hankson, Dominique, Hayworth, Germany: UF). Fourth, we are now looking for dealers across the country to welcome requests for detailed information! Hangzhou Jiajie Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Address: No. 3, No. 3, Nongkou Village, Airport Road, Hangzhou Contact: Qianlong Jun Telephone

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