Propagation Techniques of Counter Flocked Dolphins

Anti-pilvet dolphins have white, black, yellow, gray and white black, white yellow, black and white yellow and other colors, the general adult weight of 0.8 to 1 kg. Its leather is tough, soft, elastic, warm, and has excellent texture. It can be widely used in the production of high fashion and various jewelry and craft specimens. There is less investment in raising the anti-pilvet dolphins, and the results are quick and the benefits are high. Under normal circumstances, they can be sold for 40 to 60 days, with both skin and meat, and the utilization rate is high. Because it is very scarce at present, people keep it as a high-grade pet.

First, feeding and management

Artificially raised pilose porpoises are kept in ponds and can also be cultured in cages, in three-dimensional cultures, and in free-range breeding. The pool is made of bricks, cement and wood and is generally 35 cm high, 60 cm long and 40 cm wide. No matter how caged or pooled, indoor sanitation should be well done. There is no limit to the length of the premises that house the dolphins, and it is better to go north to south. The air in the house is fresh, the breeding room is sterilized once a month, and the troughs and water trays are often washed clean. This is the key to raising the house. The reverse plush dolphins are herbivorous animals. The weeds, wild vegetables, leaves, and stems and leaves of the plants are all eaten. They feed 3 meals a day, each serving 50 to 100 grams, supplemented by a small amount of cornmeal, bran or piglet feed.

Second, reproduction

Adult flounder dolphins are sexually mature. Generally, female dolphins show signs of sexuality 35 to 45 days after birth, and male dolphins show signs of sexuality 70 days after birth. However, female dolphins still have to delay breeding after 70 days. Female dolphin sex cycle is 16 days.

1. Select species. As a kind of retro plush dolphins should have the following points: (1) full body, thick bones, positive limbs, bright eyes; (2) good nutrition, bright hair; (3) male dolphins testis symmetry, the same size Female vulva vulva normal development; (4) skin soft and elastic, no hair removal and other skin diseases.

2. Optional. The duration of estrus in puffer fish is 1 to 18 hours, with an average of 9 hours. The estrus time is usually between 5 pm and 5 am the next morning. During estrus, maternal dolphins have gelatin-like embolisms after vaginal discharge after mating. This is a mixture of male dolphins and prostate secretions. Based on the presence or absence of such embolism, it can be concluded whether the breeding success. When large herds are raised, 3 to 4 female dolphins are used, and 1 male dolphins are bred for mating. Do not put 2 male dolphins at the same time to grab, otherwise it will fight for fighting, affecting breeding. If it is propagated as a parent species, it can be carried out using a mother-of-train method. Female dolphins should be allowed to co-incubate after pups have been weaned, or they can be put into the dolphins within half a day after the dolphin's calf is born. At this time, blood donation can be performed and the reproduction rate is high.

3. Fertility. The gestation period of female dolphins is 56-68 days, and the number of naps is generally 3 to 5. Some 6-9. The young dolphins are weaned once a week, fed separately after weaning, and raised up to product dolphins for 40 to 60 days.

4. Purebred. When the plush dolphins do not require major improvements, purebred breeding can be used to consolidate the excellent properties of the type, select one from the other each year, and continue to expand the population.

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