Problems with self-mixed feed and precautions

I. Problems
1. There is a general lack of raw material testing equipment for farmers, and the water, nutrient indicators and mycotoxins in the raw materials cannot be detected. Only the sensory evaluation can be performed, and it is difficult to control the quality of raw materials.
2, pay attention to the price of raw materials while ignoring quality.
3. It is not possible to formulate and use self-made feeds according to the growth stages of livestock and poultry, and it is impossible to scientifically guarantee the nutritional requirements of livestock and poultry production performance.
4. There is no preparation of feed for different species, seasons and growth stages, which seriously affects the performance of livestock and poultry production performance.
Second, the matters needing attention
1. It is forbidden to use moldy and deteriorating raw materials.
2, do not use excessive moisture corn.
3, is strictly prohibited the use of expired concentrates or premixes.
4. It is necessary to establish the correct concept of "one price for goods, one goods for goods, and no goods for good." It needs to be understood that high-grade materials have the advantages of good growth, short cycle, and strong disease resistance. Low-grade materials have the disadvantage of slow growth, long cycle, and easy onset. Try to choose reliable and stable raw materials.
5, strictly according to the formulation ratio of feed, raw material weighing to be accurate, the order of feeding should be correct.
6, stirring to be fully uniform.
7. Ingredients and custody reached five: no tide, no mold, no mouse, no insects, no pollution.
8, according to the different feeding stages of livestock and poultry to determine the amount of feed and standards to avoid waste or insufficient feed.
9, adjust the formula according to different seasons.

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