Parrot breeding techniques

Worry about baby starving and overfeeding. In nature, the parent bird must take turns feeding to feed the fledglings, so the fledglings cannot be fed to the full swell. Therefore, the feeding of the fledglings should adopt a mode of small meals, and should be confirmed before feeding. The foods fed at one time have been digested to avoid the accumulation and fermentation of old foods causing vesiculitis.

Only feed sunflower seeds

In general, parrots like to enjoy sunflower seeds, but most of them use it as their only food. They do not know that this behavior will reduce the fun and ability of parrot feeding, and feeding only sunflower seeds will lead to imbalanced nutrition. Sunflower seeds are rich in lipids and can easily lead to obesity.

Problems with feed preservation

Improper storage of feeds leads to spoilage of foods and even toxins. Bird friends will continue to feed if they do not notice them. Of course, love birds will have problems. Therefore, it is recommended that feeds be selected according to the amount they feed. Large packages will of course be cheaper. However, the shelf life of feeds is not long. Only taking this point into consideration will result in small losses. Apart from the fact that feed should be stored in a dry or even refrigerated environment, it is a good idea to invite a few friends to share together. Not only is the cost less and the risk is lower, it is also possible to try a variety of products.

There are a large number of parrot products on the market, and readers can try a lot. If it is against the budget, they can buy several bird friends together. After all, each bird's favorite food is not necessarily the same. Here are just a few common and easily accessible foods for readers to refer to:

Fruits: such as apples (most birds love), orange, guava, papaya, lotus mist and so on.

Vegetables: Leaf vegetables can be tried, carrots are also a good choice.

In addition, I will also use some processed foods, such as cooked rice, toast, bread, etc., can be given these easily accessible food for testing, it is best to record the results of these tests.

Bird friends are often reported to say that love birds pick foods and spread feeds all over the place. This is not a matter of wasting feed and cleaning work, but it is hoped that the birds will develop good habits. The method that I often use is to give a fixed amount of food at a fixed time, and the amount of food is far less than the previous amount. Let the birds know that the food at this time is so much. If you do, you have to wait for the meal, and gradually Will cherish the food and change its behavior, which requires the family to work together; if it is a temperate parrot, it is recommended not to reduce the amount of too much at once, step by step to do it.

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