Market prospects for microwave application technology and equipment

First, the preface

1. Microwave power applications are at a critical historical turning point, from general heating and drying to high-tech applications. At present, many exciting laboratory research achievements have been made in microwave plasma, microwave-assisted catalytic chemical reaction, microwave processing materials and microwave biological and physiological effects. At present, it is urgent to push these scientific research results into industrialization so as to have a huge impact on China's economic construction.

2. It should be noted that the current development of microwave applications has formed several problems in a specific era:

● There is a gap in stability compared to foreign equipment.

● The manufacturing process is backward and it is difficult to form economies of scale.

● Insufficient connection with other technology.

● The new results of microwave technology have fallen into deep straits, cannot be transformed, and cannot obtain the economic benefits they deserve.

The establishment of the microwave application engineering research center, focusing on the in-depth development of microwave engineering and interdisciplinary and inter-application disciplines, can find a clear meeting point of microwave laws and application laws, and explore major industrial projects. Specifically, traditional methods of process and microwave technology compatibility should be found as much as possible. On this basis, the development of new directions equipment will be carried out, and the results will be gradually pushed towards industrialization.

3. Microwave applications have shifted from heating and drying to high-tech applications. Many problems have been exposed from laboratory applications, and these problems must be solved.

(1) Increasing the output stability of the microwave power source, emphasizing power consistency, millisecond modulation means and modulation repetition accuracy, and developing a super power microwave power source.

(2) Improve the quality of high-power micro-transmission components and power-proportional sampling components.

(3) Study effective sensing process parameter methods and closed-loop control methods.

(4) In order to adapt to the new application development direction, it is necessary to study a variety of application design methods to make the application design highly compatible and adaptable. In order to gradually design the pilot equipment for new directions in various industries, with the successful unit technology and integrated building blocks, the microwave application engineering research center must strengthen the development of these equipment units.

4. The Microwave Application Engineering Research Center must have the ability to quickly organize medium-scale trials to reduce many projects, and the long-term stay in the experiment failed to turn to production. Therefore, the microwave application engineering research center must have the capability of scale test, so that the microwave application engineering research center can first organize the scale experiment when necessary, so that the ultra-large-scale industrialization engineering design is more reliable.

5. The establishment of the microwave application engineering research center Zui is to turn the scientific research achievements of colleges, universities, research institutes and laboratories into industrialization and play a bridge role in order to overcome the long-term situation of many seeing flowers and not seeing results.

Second, the research content and objectives:

1. The production unit of magnetic control tube keeps its products long-life, high-reliability, high-efficiency synergistic method, overcomes the current unsatisfactory product quality degradation, and studies the long-life, high-reliability, high-stability microwave on this basis. Power source. Develop a complete set of high-power microwave components and application design methods, including gas phase, liquid phase, and solid phase treatment. And vacuum drying applicator. Develop high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly drying equipment, and replace the drying field with steam and oil boilers as energy sources. Develop a variety of sensing methods and closed loop control.

2. Study the following topics: medium-scale experiments and industrialization:

(1) Microwave plasma method for preparing sodium rice, powder technology, microwave plasma sterilization technology, eye endoscope sterilization equipment, and sterilization equipment for surgical materials.

(2) Develop a combination of microwave oil high-temperature sintering ceramics and traditional methods to shorten the time of sintering ceramics to one-third of the traditional electrothermal method, and improve the solid-phase reaction and accelerate the quality of solid phase reflection.

(3) Develop microwave oil demulsification equipment to dehydrate the water-in-oil emulsion to meet the standard; develop petroleum waste and high-condensation petroleum microwave cracking equipment to make these waste oil and high-condensation oil into high-quality oil.

(4) Develop microwave-assisted pyrolysis equipment for minerals, so that the equipment can be converted into non-ferrous metal sulfide ore into colored metal oxides to solve the problem of Yunnan non-ferrous metal sulfide ore and sulfur-bearing gold ore. This method can be used to promote the new process of blast furnace ironmaking for microwave heating of carbon-bearing iron ore pellets.

(5) Systematic research on microwave-assisted extraction technology, speeding up extraction speed and improving extraction quality. On this basis, various extraction techniques were developed to speed up extraction and improve extraction quality. Based on this, various extraction equipments were developed. It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical, spice and chemical industries. The modernization of traditional Chinese medicine is a big issue in China. Microwave extraction is superior to supercritical extraction. In addition, in the pharmaceutical field, microwaves can also be concentrated, sterilized, and dried.

(6) System research on low-pressure microwave drying technology, study a variety of energy-feeding methods, explore various materials low-temperature dehydration process, and develop a variety of vacuum drying equipment.

Third, the immediate goal

Clearly and practically, it is clear that the infrastructure of the microwave engineering itself must be improved. Through the specific projects of microwave application, the scientific research results will be gradually turned to industrialization. The prospects of the microwave application market are very promising. At present, there are several significant projects that can be carried out because we have mastered the core technologies and can quickly open up the market and achieve considerable economic benefits through hard work.

1, medical low-temperature microwave plasma sterilization, medical devices such as gastroscope, colonoscopy and plastic type medical devices can not be used for high-temperature disinfection, but chemical disinfection is easy to produce residues on the device, potentially harmful to people, disinfection time is not easy A cross-contagion of the virus has occurred. Medical cryogenic microwave plasma sterilization equipment can be used for low temperature or normal temperature sterilization in a short period of time. Domestically, it is still blank. It is used by a few developed countries in foreign countries, but the price is very expensive. This topic mainly uses technology: microwave technology, plasma discharge technology, vacuum technology, micro air flow control technology.

2, pump type microwave drying equipment: heat pump drying technology is a more advanced technology, zui is characterized by high efficiency, once (KWH) can dehydrate 3 to 5 kg, far lower than conventional steam drying has many advantages, but the energy consumption is greater At one time, the electric dehydration was only 0.5 kg. If the two technologies are combined, there will be major innovations in the drying process. This equipment is truly efficient, environmentally friendly and adaptable. It can replace many traditional drying equipment and enter various industries. The heat pump type microwave drying has been successfully reported in experiments, and developed countries have just prepared to vigorously develop and promote them.

3, wave chemical test equipment and microwave chemical engineering: the application of microwave in the field of chemistry has become a hot topic today, not only involves drying, heating, but also development to catalysis, hydrolysis, digestion, incineration, desulfurization, petroleum demulsification, dewaxing, thawing , material modification, ceramic sintering, vapor deposition, diamond film, rubber vulcanization. The technical transformation of the laboratory requires engineering and technical strength. At present, in terms of microwave engineering technology, the designers of our unit have accumulated a lot of experience, and it is a strong research and development team for microwave application engineering in China. For example, after the rubber vulcanization retrofit design last year, the performance of the whole machine was advanced to the advanced level in foreign countries. 0 lines were sold in less than one year, sales reached 1000, and foreign manufacturers' microwave rubber vulcanization equipment was pushed into Guchi in domestic sales.

4, microwave extraction equipment and complete sets of equipment: Chinese medicine pharmaceutical modern significance does not need to talk about, the market lacks microwave extraction complete sets of equipment, from the introduction of microwave extraction tanks last year, until now only one year, we have sold into 10 equipment (but not Complete set), market feedback information analysis, large, medium and small sets of micro-extraction equipment demand is huge, microwave extraction is superior to supercritical extraction, ultrasonic extraction, chemical extraction, and more in line with our national conditions, the heat has the corresponding supporting technology, There will be huge room for market opening.

Fourth, the conclusion

We have accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of microwave engineering, and some aspects of ling's domestic counterparts and microwave application technology are also in the forefront of international ling. Over the years, it has helped a large number of research work in various industries, universities and research institutes across the country, involving a wide range of disciplines and industries. This is a large intangible asset. Establish a provincial or *microwave engineering research center, and with a certain amount of start-up funds, you can push the microwave application project into the economies of scale within a short period of time. In many developed countries, the microwave application engineering market has hundreds of millions of Americans every year. As a developing country, the prospects are very promising. The price of equipment for foreign microwave application market is 7-8 times higher than that of China. As long as we do our internal work, it is not a distant matter for microwave equipment to go abroad.

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