It's better to eat crayfish

Every year from June to August, it is the time when the crayfish body is “full” and it is the best time for people to catch and eat.

To ensure the safety of crawfish, the Provincial Food and Drug Administration reminds catering units and families to purchase fresh crawfish and fully wash crayfish to minimize microbiological and physical and chemical pollutants on crayfish.

Due to the higher total number of colonies, coliform bacteria, and pathogenic bacteria in the crawfish and the possibility of parasites, the crayfish should be fully cooked and cooked during cooking. In particular, pre-fried semi-finished products should be thoroughly burned during the cooking process prior to consumption. As far as possible when the meal processing, when eating food. Can not be used as a meal, should be promptly refrigerated, crayfish before meals should be burned and thoroughly heated before eating. At the same time, to keep tableware hygienic, raw and cooked foods should be placed strictly apart to avoid cross-contamination. If raw and cooked foods are stored in the same place or facility (such as a refrigerator) at the same time, they should be stored in a cooked and raw manner to avoid contamination of the cooked food.

Due to the relatively high content of heavy metals in the head of the crayfish, the Provincial Food and Drug Administration reminds consumers that when eating crayfish, it is safer to discard food.

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