Identification and Hazards of Pesticides and Inferior Pesticides

There are three cases of fake pesticides:
(1) Impersonate pesticides with non-pesticides. Refers to the use of other substances posing as pesticides, and the product does not contain active ingredients that are detected at all.
(2) Impersonate this type of pesticide by this type. It means that the pesticide ingredients in the product are completely different from the labels.
(3) The type and name of the active ingredient contained do not match the type and name of the active ingredient of the pesticide indicated on the product label or the description. It means that the pesticide ingredient in the product is not exactly the same as the label.
There are also three cases of inferior pesticides:
One is that it does not meet the quality standards of pesticide products; the second is the loss of the use of performance; and the third is the combination of harmful ingredients that cause harm to medicines.
They have the following hazards: First, they do not achieve the effect of preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests, resulting in a large reduction in crop production. Farmers' hard-working labor for a year does not only result in no income, but they do not even receive production costs.
The second is that it may cause a large area of ​​crop damage, resulting in crop failure. For example, in July last year, farmers in a certain area reported that their cotton used a weeding pesticide, which caused nearly a thousand mu of cotton injury, which was characterized by dwarfing, dead and stunted growth and other serious injury phenomena. The cotton seedlings in the plots were all necrotic and the losses were serious. After investigation by the local pesticide management department, it was found that the pesticides used in these cotton farmers were unregistered pesticides. After testing, they found that the pesticides contained a large amount of metsulfuron-methyl, and the cotton of farmers’ friends was used precisely because of this. Species containing a large amount of metsulfuron, but no registered pesticides, have produced a large area of ​​phytotoxicity. This tragic example occurs from time to time in some places.
Third, pesticide residues in agricultural products may be exceeded, and people may consume food poisoning due to eating excessive agricultural products, which may lead to serious death. If such accidents happen, farmers using pesticides will not only be subject to economic penalties, but also if the circumstances are serious, criminal responsibility shall be pursued according to law.
The fourth is unlicensed pesticides or counterfeit pesticides. Because they have not been subjected to scientific tests and tests, their safety has great hidden dangers. Farmers' friends are likely to cause bodily poisoning and death. For example, in May of last year, 60 farmers in a certain place did not take effective protection measures during the spraying process when spraying pesticides with chaotic pesticides. The amount of water was not enough, resulting in an excessive concentration of liquid chemicals, and the collective Poisoning.
Fifth, it may cause serious damage to the ecological environment such as soil and groundwater. Affects the sustainable development of agriculture and rural economy.

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