How to properly add water when using a Chinese decocting machine

When you first take a bag of Chinese medicine, you will always be confused. How much water does this decoct have to add? I feel very troublesome. Nowadays, there is a decocting machine, which is specially designed for Chinese medicine decocting, which can save us a lot of time and bring us convenience. However, when using the decocting machine, it is also necessary to consider how much water to add when decocting.

First of all, before using the machine to decoct, you should first put the traditional Chinese medicine pieces into a special cloth bag, tighten the bag mouth, soak it with a proper amount of clean and hygienic cold water or warm water to fully absorb the moisture, usually soak for about half an hour.

Second, consider the situation of adding water. The amount of water and water added to the soaked pieces during the frying is related to the variety of the decocting machine, the ingredients of the pieces, and the amount of the medicine. The reference calculation formula for the amount of water added is as follows (the liquid medicine for soaking the pieces should be included in the amount of water added):

Combined decoction machine water addition (ml) = absorption constant (ml / g) X pieces weight (g) + expected amount of liquid (ml) + evaporation constant (1ml / min) X boiling time < in the absorption constant = 2.0ml/g, evaporation constant = 13.1ml/min>

Closed decocting machine water addition (ml) = absorption constant (ml / g) X pieces weight (g) + expected amount of liquid (ml) + loss 200 (ml) <absorption constant = 1.5ml / g

Now I should know more about how to properly add water to the decocting machine. The method of adding water to this decocting machine is for your reference only.

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