How to prevent high temperature heat damage in rice?

To prevent the high temperature and heat damage of rice, we should start from the following aspects:

(1) Choose high temperature resistant varieties based on local ecological conditions.

(2) Select the appropriate sowing date and transplanting period. If rice is exposed to high temperatures during the transplanting period, planting shall be carried out in the evening and be adjusted by water management after planting.

(3) Increase fertilizing material: Through the application of fertilizer, control the growth and appearance of rice and improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions between the booting and heading stages, which can reduce the high temperature hazards.

(4) Strengthen the management of water layer: During the flowering season, high temperature should be used to irrigate deep water during the day and night irrigation should be conducted to improve the microclimate of rice fields, promote strong root systems, and enhance the ability to resist high temperatures.

(5) Sprinkler irrigation at full bloom: Sprinkler irrigation can significantly reduce the temperature and increase the humidity.

(6) Spray chemical agents: Spray zinc foliar with salt and salt, or spray vitamin C or superphosphate solution before high temperatures, all have the effect of reducing high temperature damage.

Compacted Oxygen Cylinder Filling System

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