How to prevent eggplant rotten fruit management measures in summer

In summer, eggplants are prone to epidemic of M. blight in hot and rainy conditions, and there is a large amount of rotten fruit that must be promptly taken for prevention and treatment. First, drainage picking leaves should choose high-dry terrain, well-drained fertile soil for the cultivation of eggplant, the use of ridge planting method, the onset of the rainy season, clean up the ditch, timely drainage after the rain, light well water to prevent heat and rain hazards. To close the plant properly, properly remove the old leaves at the bottom, improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions between the rows, remove diseased leaves and fruit in time, and concentrate deeply or burn in order to reduce the re-infection of pathogenic bacteria. Second, spraying spray protection before the onset of the onset or early onset of disease, focusing on the protection of the plant in the lower part of the eggplant, and pay attention to spraying the ground, the rainy season but also sprayed to protect the twigs.

Soy products are processed foods made from beans such as soybeans, Green Beans, peas, and broad beans. Most soy products are tofu and its reconstituted soy milk.
China is the hometown of soybeans, and China has cultivated soybeans for five thousand years. It is also the first country to develop and produce soy products. For thousands of years, the ancient Chinese working people have used a variety of beans to create many far-reaching and widely circulated soy products, such as tofu, tofu, fermented bean curd, soy milk, soybean meal, soy sauce, bean sausage, bean curd, soybean fish, Ramie, cat ears, vegetarian wings, soy ears.

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