How to prevent corn from sticking

1. Maize stalks occur frequently in the corn planting areas in China. When the supply of nitrogen fertilizers is sufficient and phosphorus and potassium are absent, the leaves are likely to have dark green leaves, luxuriant stems and leaves, impaired sugar metabolism in the body, and sugars in the leaves and stems. As a result, the amount of sugar that is turned to the head of the ear is reduced accordingly, making it impossible for the ear to grow into fruit because of insufficient nutrition, and empty stalks are formed.
2. Control measures are mainly balanced fertilization, scientific nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, supplemental boron, zinc and other trace elements, promote flower development. It is required that 25-30 kg of calcium phosphate and 5-7.5 kg of potassium be applied per acre, all for a single application of basal fertilizer. Nitrogen fertilizer should be lightly applied to Miaofei, Qiao Shi pull energy, re-approach attack manure, Zhuo Shi granules. The pellet can be treated with 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 1%-2% urea solution for extra-root spraying, once a week, 50-60 kg of nutrient solution per acre, spraying 2-3 times to extend the functional period of the leaves. To promote roots and strong stalks to meet the needs of young ear differentiation on nutrients.

Laser Distance Meter 40M

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