How do the pigs have repeated fever?

1 Do a good job of isolation, disinfection, quarantine and other measures to prevent the introduction of the disease. 2 The prevention of atypical swine fever must be strengthened, and swine fever is an important cause of high mortality. Therefore, it must be ensured that the immune effect of swine fever is in place. 3 Use effective antibiotics to control secondary infections. Antibiotics can be selected through drug susceptibility testing. 4 According to the different pathogens of the disease, use symptomatic drugs for preventive administration or treatment to reduce the losses caused by the disease. 5 The use of drugs that increase the body's immune system for preventive administration or treatment has a certain effect.

Alternative Tea

Substitute tea refers to the use of edible plant leaves, flowers, fruits (fruit), roots, etc., using the way of drinking tea (by brewing, boiling, etc.) is a kind of products commonly known.
Substitute tea is divided into leaf, flower, fruit and rhizome; The way of drinking the same as tea is generally composed of one or more items in the two categories of "medicine and food homology" and "can be used for health care" in the food classification stipulated by the Ministry of Health. Tea products made from the roots, stems, leaves or fruits of these plants.
The way of drinking the same as tea, generally by the ministry of Health provisions of food classification of medicine and food homologous category, can be used for health care category, two types of goods in the single or multiple items, with the roots, stems, leaves or fruits of these plants made of tea products.
Substitute tea has certain effect and auxiliary effect for some special groups, belonging to the health conditioning products.

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