High-yielding Cultivation of Transplanting Sugarcane Summer Seedlings

First, the technical point of seedling transplanting.
1. Select good varieties: Select the excellent variety Xintai sugar16.
2. Selection and preparation of seedlings: Use land with loose soil, leeward sunlight and land near water sources and near Daejeon cane. The plough preparation site was first made into a seed bed with a bed width of 1.2 meters and a height of 10 to 15 centimeters. Then the soil was planted and 25 kilograms of compound fertilizer was applied per acre.
3. Seedlings treatment: Soaking for 2 minutes with 45% Dyson ammonium 400 times to prevent sugar pear disease.
4, reasonable dense planting: generally 1.0 to 1.1 meters is appropriate, Xia Fujia sugarcane species in the high temperature season, the germination rate is higher, the amount of the next species can be reduced compared to the spring planting cane, mu under the amount of 3200 ~ 3500 two-bud cane species more Suitable.
5, seedbed management: When the cane seedlings expand 2 true leaves with 0.2% ammonium bicarbonate water pouring. 5 to 7 days before transplanting, the seedbeds were given a “send of marrying manure” and Mushi applied 15 kg of compound fertilizer.
Second, post-plant management techniques.
1、Appropriate fertilization: Apply enough base fertilizer, apply 25kg of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and 15kg of compound fertilizer to Mushi; skillfully apply “promoting Miaofei”, apply 0.2% ammonium bicarbonate water for 3 to 5 days after planting, in order to make new roots Promote the formation of roots and the growth of the above ground; the main attack seedlings promote fattening fertilizer, combined with a small amount of soil urea 10 kilograms, potassium chloride 7.5 kilograms after transplanting about 20 days; Shi Zhuang Feifei, Mushi urea 10 kg, Potassium chloride 10 kg combined with the earth; re-appropriate attack stem fertilizer, Mushi urea 20 kg, 20 kg of potassium chloride, combined with large earth when applied.
2, spray herbicide: a week after transplanting with a herbicide herbicide net 400 to 500 times. Be careful not to spray sugar cane heart leaves to avoid phytotoxicity.
3, irrigation and drainage: Sugar cane is afraid of drought and afraid of waterlogging, especially at the seedling stage. Therefore, we must always keep the soil moist, so that the soil of the sugarcane field is black and white.

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