High economic efficiency of breeding

The wolfberry has the characteristics of fast growth, strong adaptability, resistance to roughage, early maturation, high egg production, low material consumption, short growth cycle, etc. It is a kind of poultry with high economic value.

It takes only 45 days to 50 days from hatching to maturity, and consumes only 750 grams of material. For every 100 grams of eggs produced by a chicken, 400 grams to 417 grams of material are consumed, while the consumption of convalescent materials is only 270 grams to 300 grams, which is about 100 grams less than the chicken. In eggs, quail eggs are delicate, fresh, nutritious, and have a unique therapeutic effect. The lecithin and various hormones contained in quail eggs have conditioning and nourishment effects on certain diseases of the human body, and have certain effects on the treatment of allergies.

Pork meat is fine, fresh and delicious, with a special aroma. According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica" record, quail meat and eggs have "make up the five internal organs, benefit in the continued gas, solid bones, resistance to cold and heat, clear heat" effect. Modern scientific research shows that quail eggs have an adjuvant effect on the treatment of stomach, lung, neurasthenia, and heart disease. Pork meat and quail eggs, with salt, sugar, rice wine and other condiments, and Chinese wolfberry, Eucommia, adzuki bean, white peony and other Chinese herbs compatibility, for children with hoarding, nephritis edema, bronchial asthma, diphtheria, gynecological diseases, etc. have a certain effect.

Visual Training Equipment

The vision training equipment includes the annular vision training system, which helps students to establish the concept of coordinate axis and Angle, enhance the vision field and the eye movement ability, train the visual cognition and visual tracking, and is conducive to the rehabilitation of low vision caused by amblyopia. If you would like to purchase visual training equipment, convenient circular vision tracking trainer, please contact us.

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