Harvester idle period maintenance

Combine harvesters use a short period of time in a year and are idle for a long time. The correct maintenance of the combine harvester is an important part of extending the service life of the machine and ensuring the stable operation rate and operation quality of the machine.

Thoroughly clean the machine. Open all the inspection hole covers of the machine first, remove all protective covers, drive chains, belts, cutters, screens, etc., remove debris from the roller room and the bridge, clear the header, bridge, and clean the bottom of the room. Shells, fans inside and outside the volute, outside the gearbox and other residual straw and mud and other debris. After cleaning, the lifter cover and the crescent plate cover are opened, the machine is started and the work device is driven at a high speed for 5 to 10 minutes to drain the remaining material. Then use pressure water to clean the exterior of the machine (belts, appliances, etc. must be removed before cleaning). Finally, turn on the machine for 3 to 5 minutes. Drain the residual water and put the header and puller wheel to the lowest position. The plunger rod is retracted into the cylinder. lubricating. According to the combine harvester lubrication chart, table and diesel engine operating instructions for full lubrication, and then use the throttle to idle the machine for a period of time.

Remove all the v-type tapes and inspect them for serious slips and burns, cracks, breakages and other serious defects. Replace them with serious damage. Can be used to clean up, put on talcum powder hanging in a cool dry room, tied with a label, keep it safe.

Check the maintenance knife. Remove dirt from the moving blade and the stationary blade. If the blade is worn, damaged or deformed beyond the specified standard, it must be replaced. Then oiled rust-proof, hanging storage.

Inspect and repair the threshing roller and repair the bent teeth.

Remove the chain to clean the net and lubricate it in 60~80°C oil. It can also be cleaned with diesel or kerosene. Drain it and put it into the waste oil for about 30 minutes (or soak in waste oil) 48 Hours), take out the oil after removal, and then put it into the warmed and melted butter, then wrap it with kraft paper or oil-resistant film, and store it in dry and ventilated place.

The battery was removed, and the storage was fully discharged at a discharge rate of 20 hours. The electrolyte was poured out, and the inside of the battery was repeatedly washed with distilled water until the distilled water in the battery was not sour. Put the battery upside down on two small wooden sticks and control the moisture to dry. Tighten the filler cap and seal it with a wax droplet.

Remove the load applied to all the safety clutch springs and all other springs to avoid the fatigue deformation of the spring and affect its performance.

Check the tightening of each part. When it is loose, it must be fixed; in the stripping part, paint should be added. Unpainted metal surfaces, as well as areas subject to friction during operation, such as cutters, adjustment threads, etc., should be greased or oil-enhanced.

Store the harvester in a dry, ventilated, high-rigid garage and use a wooden pier to support the frame near the tire. The four support points should be on the same level to avoid deformation of the frame. The height of the support is preferably 20~50mm from the ground, releasing 2/3 of the gas in the tire to avoid premature aging of the tire. Put down the header and padded it with a sleeper so that the plunger rod of the hydraulic cylinder is completely retracted into the cylinder and the hydraulic pump is under load. Loosen the buffer spring adjustment screw to make it free.

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