Fish bone culture

Fish and fish bones are commonly known as "Jihua Fish" or "Jupei Fish" and are commonly found in rivers and lakes in the plains of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. In natural lakes, the 2nd-instar fish can grow up to 250g, and individual can grow to 500g. Over a period of time, due to factors such as excessive fishing in natural waters and environmental pollution in water areas, the natural resources of Hua Yu Bone have sharply decreased. In recent years, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places have conducted artificial breeding of flower and fish bones, seedling cultivation, and commercial fish breeding experiments, all of which have been successful. The fish has the advantages of beautiful shape, miscellaneous eating habits, a wide range of breeding, high population output, fresh meat, and a pretty market. In recent years, the market price has reached 15-20 yuan per 500g. The disadvantage of this fish is its irritable nature, intolerance to hypoxia, and poor ability to feed on the pond.

First, the main pond to raise: 1, pond conditions: choose ample water, drainage and irrigation convenient pond, fish species before stocking, with quick lime 200 kg / mu with water clear pond. 2, fish species stocking: Early spring acres put 1500 fish bone fish, with tail weight 50 grams of carp 120 tail, tail weight 300 grams of white pray 100 tail, the main pond bogey stocking turtles, clams, grass carp and other fish . 3, feed feeding: mainly artificial feed, supplemented by cultivating plankton; daily feeding 2 times, daily feeding rate of 1.0% to 2.0%. At the same time, organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers are used in combination to make plankton breed vigorously. 4. Water quality regulation: During the growing season, 2 limes (40 kg) are applied per month and the pH value is controlled between 7.2 and 7.8. Various oxygenation measures are adopted to maintain good water quality.

Second, the pond set up: select ample water, fresh water, dissolved oxygen rich ponds 200-300 per acre cultured fish bone fish species, pay attention to maintain good water quality and dissolved oxygen, to the end of the year can be fishing listing.

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